2.6.3 PublishPress Revisions Pro

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PublishPress Revisions allows you to submit, regulate, approve and schedule changes.
PublishPress RevisionsWordPress Revisions is a powerful way to keep track of your site already. But where is it going?

PublishPress Revisions gives you the ability to use changes to control new changes to your content.

Your users can update their posts using the normal WordPress editor, but their changes are not automatically published. Instead, the changes are stored as “pending revisions” and can be approved, rejected or scheduled.

Key Features of PublishPress Revisions
Add all authors in WordPress
Revision of the timetable
PublishPress Revisions allows you to schedule your WordPress changes to be published in the future. When you are editing a published post, all you need to do is select a future date. Your modifications will be published at the specified time.

Controlling Modification Permissions
PublishPress Revisions allows you to control which users can submit changes to a published post. You can use the new “Revisor” role, or customize an existing WordPress role.

Submitting Revisions
PublishPress Revisions enables you to submit change requests for published articles. These requests can be approved or rejected by other users.

Preview and compare changes
Each requested modification can be reviewed in the normal “Compare Revisions” screen of WordPress.

Manage and regulate revisions
PublishPress Revisions has a revision queue screen where you can search for, approve, or reject changes to the content of published articles.

Email notification of revisions
Administrators and editors will be notified by email when a new revision is submitted.PublishPress Revisions can also send emails to get revisions approved and published.

Using ACF Custom Fields for Revisions
Revisions Pro has added support for the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Adjust, arrange, and compare changes to ACF fields in your posts, just like any other post content.

Divi, Beaver Builder integration
With Revisions Pro, your contributors and revisers will be able to submit revisions to published content using the Divi theme’s front-end editor or the Beaver Builder plugin.

WPML Integration
With Revisions Pro, both pending and scheduled revisions are available in multilingual sites controlled by the WPML plugin. the WPML language filter works as expected on the revision queue screen, filtering the listed results by language.

Advanced Permissions
By upgrading to Revisions Pro, you can also get advanced permission control with Permissions Pro. Grant full editing or revision submission permissions for specific posts, categories, or category terms by role or per user custom permissions.

Product Information

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  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
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