4.3.3 Projectopia WP Project Management (formerly CQPIM)

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For freelancers or agencies, this WordPress plugin will help you run your business effectively, providing all the tools you need to communicate with your clients and your team. Keep all your information in one place, easily accessible and conveniently placed on your own WordPress website.

General Information
Workflow control
Powerful settings panel
Role-based full panel member consent system
Multiple persimmon formats
Sales tax features (with secondary tax)
Fully translatable (PHP gettext function and PO/MO files).
Currency symbols or position settings
Existing consumer-to-CQPIM client conversion tools
CQPIM team members existing users of the tool after conversion.
Customer Dashboard
Responsive front-end dashboard
Brand login page
AJAX-enabled operations

Custom AJAX password reset
Choose a Projectopia theme and your event theme
Working with someone’s ideal coding theme
Customers are able to change their small print, but photo out the dashboard.
Clients are able to absorb their team individuals as additional logins.
Dashboard signals for quotes, projects, invoices, and help tickets.
Ability to view entire quotes, invoices, projects, tasks, and help tickets
Detailed task facts including timelines, updates, financials, milestones/tasks and documentation.
Upload AJAX files in support tickets or tasks.
Ability to comply with Stripe and Paypal invoice payment methods.
Custom customer dashboard alerts
Downloadable PDF Invoices

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Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
  • Share Your Valuable Opinions