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Let’s start with the meaning of SERPs. It stands for “search engine results page”. They are the pages in Google that display the results of your online search queries.

On Google, these pages show a combination of paid ads and organic results.

SERPs include on-page optimization, ongoing/regular content creation, and building an authoritative portfolio through trusted backlinks.

Having a good SERP position is key to ensuring that your website is easy to find with the right searches.

That’s why there are so many new features in our improved SERP module!

The Advanced SEO Package’s powerful SERP rank tracking module retrieves search engine rankings for web pages and keywords and stores them for later comparison.

Adding keywords to the tracking module is easy, just select from your focus keywords or add them manually! Plus, you can track up to 5 competitors!

Another module we’ve added is Website Statistics! You can compare your site’s changes between 2 dates and choose to include (or not include) your competitors as well.

The first statistic is the site score for the keywords you entered into a search engine (let’s say google.com), and it’s based on an algorithm that finds the top 100 pages and keywords on your site.

Next is the keyword ranking summary – this shows whether your ranking is up or down on your site and whether you are in the top 1,3,5,10,30,50 or 100 for your keyword.

The last statistic is for the keywords and also to see their evolution when they last checked, the position of each keyword in the Google search.

Last but not least is the reporting module. There are 2 types of reports. One is for website statistics and the other is for keyword ranking changes.

Both types of reports can be viewed in the admin area, downloaded as PDF or sent via email.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization Pack – WordPress Plugin – #3

In version 2.3 of Premium SEO Pack, we’ve greatly improved the Google Analytics Module and Pagespeed Insights.

Starting with the interface design, to the functionality – we’ve also added simple setup for both modules!

The Google Analytics Module has a simple setup wizard where you simply connect your analytics account to the Premium SEO Pack plugin. No more forcing you to create your own app in Google Console and all the fuss that comes with it.

The Pagespeed module also comes with a working key so you can use it straight away.

The new Google Analytics interface

Using the new Google Analytics interface, you’ll see real-time statistics and how your website is performing right now.

Audience Graph

Here you can see a graph composed.
Page Views
new visitor
Unique pageviews
Access bounce rate
You can also filter the date the information is displayed.
Top Channels – The Top Channels pie chart will show the traffic coming to your website through certain channels.

Referring Channels
Organic Search
direct marketing
associated company
Top Pages/Posts Here you can filter the display page or page title and for each page see how many clicks it has and.
Unique page views
Mean time on page
bounce rate
% withdrawn
page value
Top Referral Traffic On Top Referral Traffic, you can see exactly where the traffic is coming from. You also have a world map where you can check out where the traffic is coming from for your top locations.
Advanced SEO Pack – WordPress Plugin – 4 One of the latest features of the Advanced SEO Pack is the ability to add multiple focus keywords to your posts to better optimize it! The keywords that people usually use when searching Google to better optimize its articles.

The keywords that people typically use when searching Google for slightly similar or synonymous keywords. If you want to rank your posts for multiple focus keywords, now you have this possibility to use advanced SEO package.

Now it is super easy to add multiple focus keywords and optimize your text. You can add up to 10 different focus keywords.

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