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Facebook Pixel – PixelYourSite Professional
Prepare your website for Facebook Ads and Facebook Analytics. E-Commerce specific events are fired for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

Automated tracking of key actions
Track important actions through our events. You’ll provide multiple parameters for each event, including the traffic source, visitor persona, UTM, and the user’s browser time (hour, date, month). Use these events to create custom audiences, Lookalikes, or custom conversions.

Triggered on each page, it tracks a set of key parameters: content_name, content_category, tag, post_type, post_id, domain.

Click events
Triggered on every click, it tracks internal and external links, as well as the text of the link.

Watch the video
Triggered when a YouTube or Vimeo embedded video is played. It has multiple triggers and tracks the video name and ID.

Search for
Tracks searches on your website. It differentiates between WordPress and WooCommerce searches and tracks the search strings.

Triggered by the form submission, which tracks the form’s labels (text on buttons) and CSS classes.

Complete registration
Triggered when creating a new WordPress account.

Triggered when a user downloads a file. It tracks the name, type and URL of the download.

It is triggered when a comment is added. It tracks the name of the review’s content.

Triggered when a visitor clicks on a Google AdSense ad.

Triggers your own custom or standard events
Trigger your own events to capture the actions that really matter to your business. You will have a variety of triggers.

URL access
Fire events for specific URLs. You have the flexibility to “include” or “match” the condition.

Click on the CSS selector
With Clicks on CSS Selector, you can target any specific element on your page with a click.

Click on a URL
Triggers an event when your visitor clicks on a specific URL.

Page scrolling
Firing event when one or more pages scroll to the hundredth percentile.

Mouse over the
The event is triggered when the mouse moves over a specific element.

Post type
Firing events based on WordPress post_type.

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Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
  • Share Your Valuable Opinions