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Photography is a responsive clean and minimalist WordPress theme for photography creative portfolio website. Built using the latest WordPress technology. Photography supports responsive layouts, so it looks great on all devices. It has predefined styles for photographers, creative designers, design agencies and can be imported with one click.

Make money from your photography

WooCommerce Start selling your photos and artwork fast with the WooCommerce plugin.
Direct purchase link per image support option Increase your image sales by providing your customers with a direct purchase link for each image. Customers simply click on the buy link for each image they want to buy.

Professional presentation of your artwork to clients

Client Gallery and Login Support The theme provides photographers with the ability to create client pages, display a specified gallery for each client, and provide password protection for each client page.
Photo Proofing Not only does the theme support password-protected galleries, but it also supports photo proofing, so you can provide access to certain galleries and make it easy for your clients to approve or reject images from the gallery. Thus, you can provide an access to certain galleries and make it easy for your customers to approve or reject images in the galleries.
Customer Profile Pages With the Customer module of the theme, you can assign multiple galleries to each customer. You can also create a customer profile page and have it display all your customers on a single page. Your customers can log in to view their gallery by simply clicking on their image.
The Customer Protection theme supports password-protected galleries, right-click protection and image drag-and-drop protection to protect your work.

Start with a variety of options

Use various gallery and portfolio layouts or built-in content builders to uniquely showcase your work and photos.

Pre-designed templates for 70+ photo galleries and portfolios Photography focuses on gallery and portfolio modules that allow you to showcase your work uniquely and require simple steps to create with our predefined templates and content builders.
Gallery galleries are a great way to showcase a group of images on your website, and you can easily upload multiple images to the gallery.
Portfolio is a great way to showcase your work on your website, including text, images and videos (Youtube, Vimeo, self-published videos and custom links).
Awesome 24 predefined demos Get your website working in no time with our predefined 24 demos covering both light and dark color schemes.
Import demos with one click Quickly and easily import our demos, including pages, posts, sliders, widgets, theme options and other settings with just one click.
9 Predefined Single Portfolio Layout Present your portfolio professionally and easily with our predefined Single Portfolio Layout.
10 Blog Templates Multiple single blog post layouts are powerful features to use for different purposes. The post content is flexible to display with images, gallery slider display or with other video sources such as Youtube, Vimeo, and Self. In addition, the blog posts support a variety of content including photos, galleries, videos, soundcloud, and more.
With 8 menu layouts, 8 menu styles, and a variety of customizable options, you can easily create your own menu design.

Amazing generator

Intuitive live content generator Keynote app like interface with live preview feature so anyone can easily create beautiful pages. The content generator includes a live mode and a classic mode. For the live mode, you can see the results of your changes immediately. But if you’re familiar with our generator, you can work with the classic mode for faster development.
Easy-to-use Keynote-like interface The intuitive content generator has a Keynote-like application interface. Clear overview of the content inspector and instant preview of changes.
Intuitive to add and manage content When you select content to add to a page, it intuitively displays a screenshot of the content instead of showing an icon.
Responsive Preview Instantly view and use responsive layouts in the content builder.
Drag-and-drop content builder Create your multiple layouts in one page without touching the theme code by dragging and dropping our various predefined content modules, including portfolios, galleries, blogs, recommendations, and more. Let’s try the powerful built-in builder.
Save as Template Portfolios and pages can be saved as templates to be applied to new pages. This saves time in developing new portfolios and pages.

Full integration with the WordPress Customizer to modify appearance settings in the live preview. Whether you change the color, background, typography, layout type, text or image of an element, you’ll see the results immediately.
Easily develop your website and make it responsive. Display results in a responsive view with a single click in the Live Customizer, including on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
Style Typography in Live Preview Over 500+ Google Fonts including all styles and font variations will be displayed in Live Preview via the Customizer. You can change the font size, style, and color without touching the code.
Easily set the main content font family, main content font size, H1-H6 font family, H1-H6 font weight and different typography for H1-H6 fonts.

Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
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