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Editing WordPress permalinks
Any way you want.
Permalink Manager is an SEO-friendly URL editor for WordPress. It contains a set of tools that help customize permalink. You can use it to edit the URL addresses of posts, pages, categories and tags. It works well with WooCommerce, custom post types and taxonomies.

Make your WordPress permalinks easier to read and improve your SEO performance!
Need to add keywords, delete words, or just rearrange your URLs?Now you can customize your WordPresspermalinks in any way you like.

Custom post types and taxonomy permalinks
Permalink Manager can be used out of the box. It supports both local and custom content types, including pages, posts, categories and custom post types/taxonomies. This includes pages, posts, categories, and custom post types/taxonomies.

Need to add a taxonomy plugin or remove a permanent link base? The plugin works well with content types controlled by third-party plugins such as WooCommerce, Toolset Types or Pods.

Edit multiple permanent links at once
You can use Permalink Manager to edit each URL individually. and there’s an even easier way to do it – you can batch edit them! First, go to the Permastructures section and adjust the format of your permanent links.

First, go to the Permastructures section and adjust the format of the permalink. By default, they will be used for new permalink. you can also regenerate them and apply them to the old address.

Automatic redirection of old permalinks
You don’t have to worry about 404 errors! When you update your permalinks, the old URLs are redirected. It’s enabled by default, but you can turn it off in the plugin settings.

You can also set additional URL redirects for each post, page, or term. They can be used as phrases or URL aliases.

Customizing WooCommmerce permalinks(permalinks)
Remove /product/, /product-category/ from your store’s URL within 2 minutes. You can update multiple permalinks at the same time with just a few clicks.Similarly, you can also adjust the URL of each product/category one by one.

Do you want to add SKU numbers to your WooCommerce permalinks? With Permalink Manager, this is easy. Follow the instructions and add the SKU number to the product URL.

Add custom fields to the WordPress permalinks
Looking for an easy way to add custom fields to permalink?Permalink Manager is the easiest solution! You can find detailed instructions in this article and it applies not only to local custom fields, but also to third party plugins.

It applies not only to local custom fields, but also to third-party plugins. This includes advanced custom fields, toolset types, and WooCommerce.

Duplicate plugins and permanent link base
Due to technical limitations, WordPress does not allow you to use the same permalink base in more than one content type.Permalink Manager allows you to overcome this problem and maintain the same permalink format for multiple post types and taxonomies.

As long as you maintain the overall uniqueness of your permalink, you can use the exact same slug in multiple custom permalink!

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