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We developed the Perfmatters plugin with the goal of simplification. We use all of these optimizations on our own site and are happy to provide you with an easy way to have them now too. No messy code or your functions.php file. Performance optimizations shouldn’t be complicated, so everything can be enabled/disabled with a single click.

The main way this plugin helps speed up your site is by disabling scripts that may not be used on your site. For example, by default, emojis are loaded on every page of your site. If you don’t use them, this is just slowing it down. By disabling it, the script no longer loads, so it reduces your overall number of HTTP requests and page size.

Another useful feature is our database optimization. Over time, things like revisions, auto-drafts, spam comments and transients start filling up your database and before you know it, it’s affecting your site’s performance. With Perfmatters, you can easily clean up all of this stuff and even set limits to prevent it from happening again. This ensures a fast and agile database.

Quick switching options
Many of Perfmatter’s options can be applied by simply toggling them. Here’s a quick look at a few of the options we recommend using.

Disable emojis, embeds, dashicons.
Disable unnecessary scripts and assets that you may not use on your site, such as emojis, embeds, dashicons, etc.

Remove query strings
Remove query strings from static resources to improve caching and fix speed test warnings.

Disable or restrict post modifications
Disable or limit the number of post modifications stored by WordPress to prevent your database from getting out of control.

Change the autosave interval
Reduce automatic drafts by changing your autosave interval. It also reduces the annoying “there’s a newer version” warning.

Lightweight WordPress performance plugin.
Slow WordPress sites have higher bounce rates and fewer conversions. perfmatters plugin was created by webperf geeks to speed up your site!

A simple dashboard
A minimalist and easy-to-use dashboard with one-touch toggle functionality (without the clutter of managing menus). You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use Perfmatters.

Speed up your website by reducing HTTP requests, disabling plugins, stripping code, and optimizing your database.

We are all about no bloat! Clean code, less than 50KB lightweight, and no JavaScript on the front end of your site.

Support for Content
Get support directly from the developer of the plugin. We have over 19 years of experience working with WordPress.

Frequent updates.
We love new things too! That’s why we’re pushing out more updates and new features than anyone we know.

We code and test our plugins to work with all themes and plugins. It is designed to work with your caching plugins.

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