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It is a lightweight WordPress visual builder that will not slow down WP admins. If you are a professional, then, you should definitely choose this powerful visual builder because it will allow you more than what you expect and will support you in creating your entire website from scratch with various customization options. Not only professionals, but also, amateur coders can use this Oxygen website builder without facing any kind of hassle. Are you still not quite sure if you should go with this website builder plugin or not? If yes, then let’s take a closer look at its various advanced features that will help you decide whether you should get this or not. So, let’s get started!

Features of Oxygen WordPress Builder

Powerful and lightweight website builder

It is without a doubt recognized as the most flexible, versatile, and powerful website builder that has everything a user needs to create a sophisticated and professional website. This plugin is so lightweight that there is not even a chance that it will affect the loading speed of your website. It enables its users to build their own websites without a single line of code, and this plugin has features that make it a beginner-friendly website builder. Whether you are building a website with a complex or simple design, as it will support you every time. This flexible and versatile drag and drop visual editor is a game changer and has changed the entire scenario of website building. Earlier, designing websites visually was just a professional’s dream, but now, Oxygen Website Builder has turned that dream into a reality, allowing users to visually design their own websites.

Clean website design, clearer code

There are many website building plugins on the market, but do you know why users love Oxygen WordPress Builder? It is because of its extraordinary advanced features. Using this website builder to create a website, you will be able to create a clean website design and even clearer code that will certainly provide an incredible user experience to the visitors of your website. If you are a professional, then you must be aware of the fact that clean code actively contributes to making your website more friendly to the various search engines. With clean code, your website will be able to generate more relevant traffic and the SEO rankings will be definitely improved. Websites with Oxygen Builder load quite fast, and this is because the code output of this page builder is clean and exceptionally light. Who doesn’t like a fast loading website? Of course! Everyone loves it. If you also want to improve the loading speed of your website, then you should definitely choose this website builder without any doubt.

SEO optimized performance

In terms of performance, Oxygen WordPress Builder has the edge in the market as it offers incredibly excellent SEO features that will improve your website’s SEO score. You know that a slow loading website can take a huge toll on your online business, and if you don’t want to suffer this huge loss, then this SEO friendly website builder is your savior. This powerful visual website builder will relieve a huge chunk of load from our shoulders by improving the loading speed of the website to the satisfaction of the website visitors and search engine robots. This page builder is precisely designed and developed by a team of expert developers based on lightweight and zero bloat load, which makes it one of the most lightweight page builder plugins. According to the speed test, this plugin has also achieved very good Google’s Beacon performance test while other identical plugins failed this speed test.

Supports WooCommerce integration

Oxygen website builder is not limited to supporting commercial websites as it is reliable and compatible with any niche website. Professionals highly recommend this website builder to create a full-fledged e-commerce website or online store as it supports WooCommerce integration. We all accept the fact that WooCommerce website is a real pain and creating it is really a very daunting task that is always stressed out for website developers. There are very few website builders in the market who can integrate with WooCommerce websites to create an online store. In this case, Oxygen WordPress Builder is an ultimate solution that offers incredible integration with WooCommerce plugins.

Note: The Product is Activated. Use the License Key “B5E0B5F8DD8689E6ACA49DD6E6E1A930” to Activate.

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