1.13.0 Order Status Manager WooCommerce

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Why use WooCommerce Order Status Manager?
Create a new order status and add icons or action buttons.
Explain the order status by showing the order status description to the customer on the View Order page.
Edit the WooCommerce core status to set the “next status” for the new action button
Use the Next Status to create a seamless fulfillment workflow and add order action buttons.
Add batch actions for new statuses in the order list.
Drag and drop order statuses to rearrange the way they appear in your administration.
Use status icons instead of text badges in the Orders list NEW
Include orders with a custom status in the store report.
Mark order statuses as “Paid” to include download links, purchase instructions, or other features when customers view these orders.
Mark the order status as “Payment Required” to show the customer the “Payment” and “Cancel” links.
Add new order emails, which can be triggered by status changes.
Edit new email content with new templates
Import existing custom statuses from custom codes or other plugins.
Safely delete custom statuses without losing orders

Add new order status
You can add a new order status and select an icon to display in the order list (it replaces the text badge for the status name). You can also add action buttons if this status will be used as the “next status” by other statuses in your order process. You can also add the Next Status to determine which action buttons should be displayed for this status.

Editing a core status
You can edit a core WooCommerce order status to add a “next status”. For example, you can add a custom status as the “Processing” order’s next status, which will display any processed orders from your custom status action button.

This makes order management simple, fast and easy to use, as custom statuses are fully integrated into the order workflow.

Adding a new order email
New order emails can be added based on order status changes, including changes with custom order statuses. When adding these emails, they can be edited and enabled in your WooCommerce email list, or you can override the template in your theme for better control over the content.

Display status information to customers
Customers get frustrated with order management when they don’t know where their order is. While your statuses are meant to help your fulfillment workflow, showing a status like “Manufactured” or “Being Assembled” doesn’t tell your customers anything.

Now, you can for any status (including the core status!) Set up a description that will be displayed to the customer when they mouse over the order status.

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