4.1.7 Ninja Tables Pro Plugin

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Ninja Tables is the best-selling WordPress form builder plugin with a user-friendly layout, easy-to-use settings, and an inviting front end. Build a table right from the comfort of your own home, with no coding experience whatsoever. Do whatever you want – create, edit, maintain, and customize.Ninja Tables is the ultimate solution for designing WordPress forms for any purpose.

Advanced Features
Ninja Tables Pro comes with elegant, intuitive, advanced and fascinating features. With more integration options, cutting-edge features and next-level configurations – you can unlock the untapped potential of your business.

Add Media to Tables Cells
Adding Media to a Form Cell
Use Ninja Tables Pro to add images and other multimedia content to your forms to make them more effective than ever! You can add images and other multimedia content to your form.

Add unlimited colors to your form.
Infinite colors in tables
Don’t get stuck with boring white. Color your WordPress forms according to your requirements with the Ninja Tables Pro plugin.

Connect Google Sheets
Link to Google Forms
If you already have your information stored on Google Sheets, you can easily publish it on WordPress with Ninja Tables.

Drag-and-drop sorting of table data
Drag-and-drop data sorting
With Ninja Tables Pro, you don’t have to write code for every task. Just drag and drop tabular data and arrange them visually.

Connect to external CSVs
Import and export of CSVs
Where your forms are now, or where you want to export them, Ninja Tables allows you to export and import them in seconds.

Advanced customization features
Advanced settings give you access to a myriad of underlying features that make your forms even more powerful.

Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
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