3.0.10 Ninja Forms Front-End Posting

Allow users to post content by simply submitting a form! Fully configurable, including post types, titles, and even categories and tags. Set post status, author, and more!
User-generated content is not only valuable, it’s sometimes the must-have content you need. Want students to be able to post content to your site? Want customers to be able to leave product reviews and ratings? Need to get real social proof directly from your users?

There are many reasons why you might want to use user-generated content on your WordPress site. There may be many reasons why you don’t want users to have access to your WordPress admin.

Is there a way to allow user-generated content without giving up access to the dashboard?

Yes, there is Post Creation!

Allow easy public viewing of user-generated content from your WordPress forms
Ninja Forms’ Post Creation allows anyone to submit content for you to view. Once approved, the content will be publicly displayed on the page of your choice.

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    October 6, 2021

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