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Export any table submission to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Select a date range for the fields you want to include, and then export to Excel
Aggregating WordPress form data into a reliable resource can be a headache. Sure, you can export almost anything to CSV, but there are some major valid limitations.

A standard CSV export can be difficult to read and cumbersome to open.
Users can easily enter CSV delimiters in the input fields, which can make the entire export deviate from the original result.
Typically, you don’t need every field in every table, but the CSV export captures everything.
The original submission data can take hours to manually summarize.
Excel Export is designed to be your very simple solution to these problems. If you need to compile exported data from a WordPress spreadsheet into a spreadsheet, Excel Export is the tool you need to save you unnecessary labor time.

Use Excel Export to take control of your exported data.
Excel Export gives you complete control over the data you extract from your WordPress form submission. Select the fields, tables, and date ranges you want. With the click of a button, you can pull the data into an .xlsx or .xls spreadsheet folder. The plugin doesn’t set any limits, so you can export anything you like, whenever you like.

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