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By linking WordPress with Constant Contact, you can build and design forms to your specifications, without any technical skills. Subscribe subscribers to any list or interest group.
Constant Contact makes your job simple by bringing you powerful email marketing. They check every box a small business might need to grow their subscriber base and attract consumers. Unfortunately, most WordPress forms are not integrated with their service. Are you taking full advantage of the features they offer on your WordPress site?

Want to be able to easily customize your WordPress registration form?
Need scalable actions such as email notifications, customizable success messages, redirects, etc.?
Need to deliver specific form information to specific lists and interest groups?
Your WordPress Constant Contact integration system should do all of these things and more. You have found a solution that does.

In a matter of minutes you can have a full integration between Constant Contact and WordPress.
Integration is simple and effortless.

Install and Activate Add-ons
Log in to your account and copy your access token.
Paste the access token into your WordPress dashboard.
That’s it. Simply log in to WordPress and your Constant Contact account for a complete and powerful integration.

Configure any of your WordPress forms to allow visitors to sign up to specific lists and interest groups.
With the integration in place, you can now turn any of your WordPress forms into a Constant Contact registration form. Add a Constant Contact action to your form. Select the lists and interest groups for which you want the form to send data. Map the Ninja Forms field to the appropriate list field. That’s all there is to it.

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