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Convert any WordPress form into a beautiful, fully customizable Constant Contact sign-up shape in minutes!

Constant Contact makes ye husky email advertising and marketing a breeze. They check every box that a small business might want to increase its users to poor and attractive consumers. Unfortunately, closing WordPress forms with their case integration doesn’t work. Are you most concerned about the content she offers along with your WordPress site?

Want to be able to mimic the ease of customizing your WordPress registration form?
Need scalable actions such as email notifications, customizable achievement messages, redirects, etc.?
Need precise structural facts after passing positions between absolute lists and interest groups?
Your ongoing contact integration features for WordPress are more related to these. You just found some so much will!

Integration of Constant Contact or WordPress absolutely depends on minutes
Integration is simple and easy.

Install and then activate the add-on
Login or copy your access token according to your account
Paste the access token into your WordPress dashboard
That’s it. Complete, powerful integration with no extra time so it takes according to a WordPress block and then your ongoing contact account!

Mimic the registration traffic of a specific list or interest group to configure any of your WordPress forms
After building the integration, you can currently maintain capacity by converting certain WordPress types in the Constant Contact signup form. Add “Constant Contact” to work after your form. Select List and then Interest Groups for the structure you want to base your ship data on. Map the Ninja Forms field after the same List field. Then have it all match!

Easily personalize the appearance and functionality of your registration forms
Don’t want a registration structure so it “just sits there”? No problem.

Customize the performance of each or every form based on multiple parties, tailor popular messages, redirects, etc. using complete rules about receiving bulk email notifications.

Need more? Conditional logic brings you the potential to register traffic after unique lists and interest groups based entirely on his preferences indicated between forms.

In addition to looking great on any gadget or chastity size, you can effortlessly and completely personalize your aesthetic with Ninja Forms’ layout or style.

Take your e-mail advertising and marketing to the next level and ease into complete government about e-mail advertising with Ninja Forms + Constant Contact right now!

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