3.0.28 Ninja Forms Conditional Logic

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Build dynamic forms that can change as users fill out the form. Show and hide fields. Send some emails and not others. Redirect to one of many pages. The possibilities are endless.
Does your WordPress form need to do more than just collect the same information from each user? Need to present different form content based on user preferences/needs? What are the different actions or notification options based on how your guests fill out your form? You can do this with Conditional Logic.

Conditional Logic is your solution for building smart, dynamic, interactive WordPress forms.

Have you ever tried to build a form that contains everything anyone needs, only to end up messing up?
Have you ever been frustrated by trying to get only certain actions or emails to work based on the user’s needs?
Convinced you need custom work to make your forms work the way you want them to?
You won’t. Use conditional logic to dynamically change any form as the user fills it out.

Build dynamic WordPress forms that shape themselves to the user’s needs.
You can’t build every form for every user. Some forms must change dynamically to meet the needs of your audience. Improving the user experience, increasing form conversion rates, and improving the quality/relevance of the data you collect are just a few of the benefits.

Applying Conditional Logic to Almost Every Other Ninja Forms Plugin (and More)
Want to send notifications to specific people/departments based on how users interact with your form? You can do this.

Need to subscribe to a specific newsletter list based on your guests’ interests? No problem.

Calculating the value of a potential prospect behind the scenes and pushing that data into your CRM? Simple.

Show/hide pages with multi-part forms? Yes.

Exclusive offers to selected customers? This too.

Using a specific payment gateway based on user preferences? It only takes a few minutes to set up.

So, what are you waiting for? Use the power of Conditional Logic today and start enjoying the benefits of smart, dynamic, interactive WordPress forms.

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