Ninja Beaver Pro 2.9.1

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Ninja Beaver Pro.
Ninja Beaver add-on can lie among the chronic beaver builders because Beaver Builder features a professional look that is convenient with the utilization of unique and useful extensions. This is truly a first-class add-on, so you perform arrive because free.

There are 40 modules (lite version) conveniently available according to use, stretch and drop, partly happy to speed up your internet site development process more than you. You’d love to be able to build professional websites in imitation in addition to write code.

We would like to offer 53+ modules in the professional version. And we are currently working on additional modules or improvements to existing ones. We provide page templates and line/paragraph templates in the Pro version. You can also try our woocommerce module and then woocommerce Themer feature. Check out more at our woo beaver addons website.

Woo Beaver addon features
Single Product Module – You can display individual products and quick descriptions on any page/post, add them by shopping cart button or price.
Add to Cart Module – You can combine a number of products anywhere on the site by following the cart button.
Product Grid/Carousel – You can display contemporary products, auspicious traffic products, featured products in a beautiful style in Grid Fury and Carousel Fury.
Shopping Cart Module – You can design the shopping cart page in a stylish way.
Checkout module–You can design the checkout page.
Woo Beaver Layout(woocommerce themer) – Using its options, you guys make effect templates because of personal manufacturing yet category product pages.

NJBA Lite add-on because the beaver builder features!
accordion (musical instrument)
alarm box
Call for action
contact form
Facebook button
Facebook comments
Facebook embedding
Facebook page
tumble case
art galleries
Google Static Maps
Highlighting the box
Image hover
Image hover 2
image panel
image separator
List of information
message box
InfoBox 2
Logo Grid Carousel
opening hours
Post grid
List of posts
Price box
quotation box
Social sharing
Subscription Form
Client Testimonials
Twitter button
Twitter grid
Twitter timeline
Twitter (microblogging service)

NJBA Add-ons Professional Edition Features

Creative 45+ modules to achieve the desired editorial build site, easy to comply with use.
46 predefined templates, 135 predefined line sections.
100% CSS, no JavaScript in the foreground, as it is available for all devices.
Easily enable and disable preferences because of the module; follow to reduce pointless server requests.
Unlimited use, regarding your own and your clients’ websites.
World-class expert support straight out of the developer.
Annual and lifetime licenses.
Multisite support.
Multi-language support.
World-class expert guidance that goes beyond developers one at a time.
Build and understand design.
Add-ons that really save time.

Professional Modules

advanced label
Front and rear sliders
audio frequency
Column separator
contact form
content grid
Content list
content brick
double button
Gravity Shape Pattern
Image Carousel
Logo Grid Carousel
modal frame
Polaroid (loanword)
Polaroid Gallery
Price box
Quotation Box Pro
Subscription Form
Client Testimonials
Team Specialization

Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
  • Share Your Valuable Opinions