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NEX-Form is the best WordPress form builder plugin for creating simple to complex forms.NEX-Form has a large number of add-ons and features that make it a complete solution for online forms and form building.

The most versatile WordPress form builder plugin
Create any form type with the best WordPress form builder plugin on the market.

Contact Form Builder
Interactive table generator
Cost estimate generator
PayPal form builder
Quiz Generator
Booking Form Generator
Application form generator
Quick Question Form Generator
Questionnaire generator
Contract form preparer
Sticky Form Generator
Pop-up table generator
Feedback Form Generator
Multi-step table generator
Order Form Generator
Payment Form Generator
Overall Function List
Form Analytics – providing you with statistics on form views, form submissions and even form interactions! Complete line, bar, pie, polar, and radar charts. Complete line, bar, pie, polar and radar charts. Now you can see where your form submissions are coming from.

Cost Estimation/Mathematical Logic – Use mathematical logic to perform cost calculations based on user choices. Use any custom formula on any number of fields.

Fully responsive – NEX-Form easily and efficiently scales to any device, from mobile phones to tablets to desktops.

Interactive Forms – Interact with users in real-time in a conversational manner by displaying their input in the form.

Conditional Logic – NEX-Form includes advanced conditional logic to show and hide form elements based on user input. Unlimited rules can be added with multiple conditions and multiple actions. For example, before running any number of actions, add a rule whose condition is 3 conditions true.

50+ form elements – use 50+ Bootstrap style fields with perfect pixel accuracy! From special fields to uploaders and your most common form elements. From special fields to uploaders and your most common form fields.

Multi-step forms and online quizzes – break down large forms into manageable steps for your users to complete with ease. Combine multi-step, mathematical logic and conditional logic to create online questionnaires.

Pop-up Forms – Trigger pop-up forms on exit intent, time on page, scroll position or buttons or links. Thus, the form pops up when the user tries to leave the page and/or spends x amount of time on the page and/or when the user scrolls from the top of the page to a specified location.

Report Submission and Export – Generate reports from your form submissions based on your own criteria. Your reports can also be exported to CSV and/or PDF formats.

Modern Design – Designed with modern trends and technology in mind, NEX-Forms will help you connect with your customers in a new and exciting way.

Drag and Drop – Add and sort form elements with simple drag and drop. If you know how to play with solitare, you’ll be able to build amazing web forms without a single line of code.

Full grid system – Create any form layout with the unique draggable grid system! Includes infinite grid nesting. Includes infinite grid nesting.

Form Animations – Catch the user’s eye with over 70 super smooth animations.

660+ Icons – Use the 660+ icons to add to form fields.Font Awesome icons are vector, which means they are gorgeous on high-resolution displays.

1200+ Google Fonts – Allows you to easily add fonts from the Google Fonts catalog to use in your forms.Over 1200 fonts are available in NEX-Form.

Built-in Anti-Spam Protection – NEX-Forms has built-in anti-spam protection so you will never receive an unwanted email. No CAPTCHA is required to prove your users are real human beings.

Email autoresponder – Receive all your form data in a fully customizable email. Send administrative emails to multiple recipients and/or send confirmation emails to end users!

Submission Storage and Export – All form submissions are stored in your database and can be viewed from the admin panel. Entries can also be exported to Excel.

Form Import and Export – Export forms with a single click. All form settings are included and can be imported into any NEX-forms installation.

Survey Fields – Create beautiful surveys with thumb rating, star rating and smiley face rating fields.

Pre-populated fields – Set default field values. Auto-populate fields from other forms. Auto-populate fields from URL parameters

Sticky Forms – Add sticky paddle/slide forms to any side of your website.

Same Page Forms – You can have as many forms on one page as you want without any conflicts.

AJAX tech support – submit forms without refreshing the page.

Sidebar Widgets – Use WordPress Widgets to add forms to your sidebar.

File Uploader Field – Receive files as email attachments. Can also be viewed and downloaded from the background. Includes file type validation and live image preview.

Hidden fields – Add dynamic and/or static hidden fields to your form to obtain additional administrative information from form submissions.

Thumb selection fields – display your product in single and multiple choice fields.

Note: The Product is Activated. Do not auto-update.

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