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WP Real Estate Pro is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps you create a real estate listing website. It is fully customizable, with Google Maps integration, as well as IDX and MLS integration. It is compatible with all WordPress themes, and its advanced features will enable you to create a feature-rich, high-performing, customer-satisfying real estate listing website.

Advanced Search
Real estate listings can balloon to a large number, making them cumbersome to navigate. The advanced search feature is the solution to this problem.

With WP Real Estate Pro, users can search and filter properties based on many factors. Users can use the search feature to bring up listings from a specific area and then filter the results based on price and other listing characteristics.

Google Maps integration
Visuals are better than text.WP Real Estate Pro is fully compatible with Google Maps, so you can use Google Maps to create a custom map that visually points out all of your listings. The map is displayed on your website via a shortcode, so you can control where the map is displayed at any time.

WordPress Customizer
If you can’t get it to work the way you want it to, then the plugin won’t work. This is not the case with WP Real Estate Pro. The plugin is completely customizable in every way. You can customize the way the listings are displayed, the way the currencies are displayed on the screen, and even the way the *currency amounts are separated.

That’s not all, to match your brand, all the different elements in WP Real Estate Pro can be customized to match your brand’s palette. You can even upload custom icons to display various listings features.

Agency Listings
WP Real Estate Pro has complete agency and broker support built in. You can create multiple agencies and assign brokers to them. Each listing can have an associated broker. If the broker is part of an agency, that can also be displayed in the list.

Import and Export Options
With WP Real Estate Pro, it’s easier than ever to operate and manage multiple real estate websites. All the configurations and settings you’ve perfected on one site can be imported to another with just a few clicks.

IDX and MLS Integration
WP Real Estate Pro can be fully integrated with IDX* and MLS. mls listings can be displayed by automatically extracting relevant information. Listings are also automatically updated to the latest information. You can rest assured that your buyers are always getting accurate and up-to-date information.

*IDX is optional and may be charged separately by the API provider.

7 custom widgets
You can use the custom widgets built into WP Real Estate Pro to show useful information to your potential buyers. There are widgets for displaying the search bar, related listings, nearby listings, agencies, agents, and even mortgage calculators. You can display these widgets in the widget support area of your theme.

Compare Listings
WP Real Estate Pro’s property comparison feature assists buyers in their purchase decision. Users can select two or more properties to compare and WP Real Estate Pro will present these properties in an easy to view format and compare the various features of these properties.

Show listing details
With WP Real Estate Pro, you can capture a wealth of information about each listing. You can then display this information to potential buyers. Buying or renting a property is not a small decision, and presenting useful information to potential buyers helps close the sale.

Features and Photo Gallery
In addition to the type of property, WP Real Estate Pro captures and stores many details about the property itself. You can also upload images of the property and use the built-in gallery feature to display them alongside the listings.

Extensive documentation
Our friendly documentation will help you understand the features of WP Real Estate Pro in detail. Use the documentation to learn about the plugin’s features and even extend them.

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