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The Best WordPress Q&A Plugin
WP Quiz is the first plugin for WordPress Quiz to create powerful and beautiful quizzes. This increases the engagement of any website or blog and keeps your users glued to the page.

What can you do with WP Quiz?
Create interactive quizzes that people love and share with their friends. It’s the perfect way to go viral in 2019 and beyond.

Increase viral traffic
Quizzes have proven to be an unlimited source of viral traffic. Tap into this traffic by creating a quiz of your own.

Collect Email Addresses Pro
Ask users to opt-in before starting the quiz or getting the quiz results. Before you know it, you’ll have a huge email list.

Increase User Engagement
Engage your visitors on your website and increase your bounce rate by getting users to stick to your page.

Reduce Bounce Rate
Users who take the quiz tend to stick around on your site until the quiz is over. This helps to significantly reduce the bounce rate.

Create quizzes
Create quizzes that will leave your visitors scratching their heads and trying to get each answer in one attempt.

Take the Online Exam Pro
With WP Quiz, it’s more than just fun. You can even use the plugin to create professional-level quizzes.

Create Personalized Quizzes
Allow users to determine their personality type by having a unique personality quiz on your site.

Take the Survey Pro
Convert quizzes into polls by allowing visitors to vote on an option and participate in a survey.

Create an interesting Facebook quiz site Pro
Turn your website into a full-fledged Facebook quiz site with the unique Facebook quiz option.

Create Interactive List Posts Pro
Create a quiz with a list and users can vote up or down to move options within the quiz.

Add Subscriber Pro
Get more subscribers by asking them to give up their email ID before they start the quiz or before they can see the quiz results.

Earn more.
Make money by showing ads between questions, before results, or by enabling page reloads to increase ad views.

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