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SociallyViral is a beautifully designed WordPress theme that is built to be engaging, fast, and most importantly, increase viral traffic. With features that help increase social sharing, you’ll get more traffic from the top social media sites on the web and also boost your search engine rankings.

As a website owner, we are always looking for ways to get insane amounts of traffic with little or no effort. Thanks to the MyThemeShop theme with social options built in, our optimized button placement, and the majority of traffic + revenue from advertising, we offer a unique blend of elegant design and profitable themes.MyThemeShop is known for creating products that help you solve your traffic problems, and we’re really proud of SociallyViral, because users have been Many high-traffic websites have been created with it.

One such example is ViralNova.com. they used our theme to create a website that they eventually sold for $100 million. This may sound unbelievable, but check out this article at BusinessInsider to read about how Scott Dillon turned a MyThemeShop-powered site into a $100 million empire.

One of our blog posts shows you how ViralNova did it. You can read how to get 100 million visitors in 6 months here.

Over the past few months, our users have managed to launch dozens of websites that get over 100K visitors per day with the SociallViral theme. Now, you can do the same.

The SociallyViral theme is designed to solve a problem and get easy traffic. While solving that problem, we solved plenty of other problems to make sure that SociallyViral is the best theme you can have for your website.

SociallyViral comes with all the best features that you would expect in a modern theme. It is 100% responsive, compatible with all the latest browsers, and built keeping in mind the latest search engine guidelines.

This theme puts more emphasis on image content and social sharing. It is the perfect recipe for a website that wants to capture the attention of thousands of visitors on social media.

The home page is built to be attractive and the whole more clicks from visitors coming your way. Your visitors will be left asking for more content, which translates into more page views.

Here is what the theme offers.
General settings
Easy logo image upload
Upload your own Favicon
Set icons for Apple devices from the background
Icon upload options for Windows phones
Built-in tracking code section
Integration with FeedBurner
Enable/disable responsiveness
Multiple pagination options
Built-in AJAX search option
100% fluid responsive
RTL support
Show WooCommerce products
Performance Options
Enable or disable prefetching
Lazy loading option for fast loading
Asynchronous JavaScript to improve page speed
Remove ver parameter for better browser caching
Optimize WooCommerce scripts
Styling Options
Options for selecting multiple color schemes
Right or left sidebar style options
Includes 63 background patterns
Upload custom images as background
Easily change the background color
Parallax effect on background images
Customizing the CSS section
Lightbox options for pictures
Show or hide logo
Enable or disable the header search table
Options to make the navigation bar float
Show or hide navigation menu
Multiple social icons in the header
Enable/disable footer widget
Show footer navigation
Copyright section built-in
first page
Includes multiple home page styles
Choosing the Big Picture for the first article
Enable or disable the home page slider
Select a category for the slider
Select the number of posts on the home page
Create a custom slider
Select the featured category of the homepage
Custom homepage mega-information
Single job postings
Built-in breadcrumbs
Post meta information. Enable/disable options
Select the article meta to display
Highlighting Author Comments
Show/hide the date in comments

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