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The Seekers theme is very functional and attractive. Its fast loading code will get visitors to your site faster and its cool design will keep them there.

Unbeatable Performance
Seekers themes are bundled with options to optimize the loading speed of your site.

Flatland flag Flatland speed
Gtmetrix flag Gtmetrix speed
see with one’s own eyes
Recommended Clean and Attractive Design 01
Clean and attractive design
Seekers has an attractive layout that will motivate your visitors to keep coming back for more. It showcases content in a user-friendly layout that leaves visitors hungry for more.

Sleek and responsive
Responsive websites are essential for a uniform user experience and search engine optimization.Seekers can adapt to the screen size of the visitor. This makes it ideal for websites that have traffic from multiple screen sizes.

Recommend Fluid Responsive
Feature ribbon with search box03
Featured area with search box
Capture your visitors’ attention with attractive and functional featured areas. Use it to get users to take the action you want them to take.

Drag and drop home section
The days of editing code to customize your website are over. Use the built-in drag-and-drop homepage section to create a homepage that you love.

Featured Drag-and-Drop Home Page Sections
Recommendation 8 preset home section 05
8 Predefined home page section
Seekers comes with not 1, not 2, but 8 predefined homepage sections. Enough to give you multiple ideas to redefine your homepage.

3 Predefined header layouts
The headline is the first thing a visitor sees. The headline should be attractive.Seekers has 3 predefined header layouts that you can choose from.

A selection of 3 predefined header layouts
Featured SEO Prep 07
SEO Ready
Traffic is the lifeblood of a website. Search Engine Optimization is essential for getting any meaningful traffic.Seekers is SEO-Ready so you can focus on content and let the subject worry about SEO.

pattern integration
A website that makes it easy for search engines to understand the content is the only way to get higher rankings. With Schema integration, you can rest assured that your website is 100% optimized for Google and other search engines.

Featured Schema Integrations
Recommended optimization speed 09
speed optimization
Speed is important. Fast speed gets repeat business. Slow sites don’t even have a chance to compete. Get Seekers and make your site go ‘vroom’ in the internal web browser.

AdSense Optimization
We understand that making money is essential. Ad management is built into Seekers and designed to be optimized for high CTR.

Features AdSense optimization
Featured Advanced Options Panel 11
Advanced Options Panel
With Seekers’ advanced options panel, changing and customizing your site is easy. It’s easy to understand, but very powerful.

clean code
Useless code adds bloat and extra loading time to your website.Seekers’ code is clean and well thought out. It will help your website load faster and rank higher.

Featured Clean Code
Selected Translation Preparation 13
ready for translation
Whether you’re writing in English or Cantonese, Seekers is fully translatable and comes with all the options you need to translate into your language.

Includes all Google Fonts
You’ll be spoiled by the 900+ Google fonts that come with Seekers. Use any font you want to make your content look the way you want it to look.

A selection of all Google fonts include
Recommended Advanced Nesting Options15
Advanced Nesting Options
Instantly change the font size, color, weight, and formatting of your text with hundreds of typography options.

Unlimited color options
Use your brand colors, use unique colors, use any color.Seekers won’t let you back down, giving you unlimited color options.

Features infinite color choices
A selection of unlimited background options17
Unlimited background options
There are hundreds of background combinations you can go for with Seekers. Choose from millions of color shades, 10s of patterns or upload your own.

Easily format your posts with the help of the very useful shortcodes bundled with the Seekers theme.

Featured Shortcodes
4 recommended pagination methods19
4 types of pagination
You can choose between 4 types of pagination options. seekers comes with pagination options as below/previous, number, load more buttons, and infinite scrolling.

Moving the menu on the canvas
With Seekers, your site will have an off canvas, slide-in/slide-out mobile menu that will disappear when the user finishes it.

Featured offline mobile menus
Featured WP Review Compatibility 21
WP comment compatibility
The WP Review plugin allows you to add comments to your website. seekers has built-in support for WP Review.

Import/Export Options
Easily back up your settings or import them from other websites.Seekers makes it easier for you to back up and restore your theme settings.

Featured import/export options
Recommended Dedicated Performance Options23
Dedicated performance options
Seekers has loaded quickly. But we don’t just stop there. We’re also

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