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Crypto is a perfect theme for cryptocurrency blogs. In addition to the regular blogging features, Crypto has many specific features for cryptocurrencies, making it the most sought after theme for cryptobloggers, traders, commentators and viewers of cryptocurrencies. It offers multiple monetization methods that can be used to cover blockchain, Bitcoin, AltCoins and any other topic in the cryptocurrency world.

We’re sure you’ve heard of Bitcoin and some cryptocurrencies. But did you know that there are more than 1,300 cryptocurrencies today. The more mind-boggling data is that the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has reached $800 billion.

This means that its the perfect time to start a blog about cryptocurrencies. We’ve developed the Crypto theme for just that. It has been developed from scratch, keeping in mind the various features of a cryptocurrency blog.

However, Crypto isn’t limited to just currencies, you can use other useful features to blog about multiple themes. Here is a detailed description of Crypto’s features.

Unique Design
Crypto theme is unique in many ways. It is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of crypto bloggers, but it can also be used for many other niches. Our engineers spent a lot of time on the drawing board to make sure Crypto meets the needs of each blogger.

Show live currency prices
In any financial market, the most crucial information is the price.Crypto has the ability to display real-time currency prices of various cryptocurrencies. Using this feature, you can report news, perform analysis, and provide your users with accurate and timely information about the crypto world.

Create a dedicated currency price page
There are now over 1300 cryptocurrencies in the world and covering all of them can be overwhelming for your readers.Crypto allows you to create dedicated pages for individual cryptocurrencies, using these pages you can consolidate all the important information, historical data, news and trends for these currencies in one place on your website.Crypto also allows you to create dedicated pages for individual cryptocurrencies, using these pages you can consolidate all the important information, historical data, news and trends for these currencies in one place on your website.

Display historical price data
Winston Churchill said, “The farther you can look, the farther ahead you are likely to see.”…. . The same is true for financial markets, including cryptocurrencies.Crypto’s Historical Price Data feature allows you to share the price history of cryptocurrencies, using it you can show the underlying trends and share your analysis with readers.

Comparing the currency prices of different currencies
We don’t know how cryptocurrencies will be priced in the future, but at the moment, they are compared to regular currencies.Crypto theme allows you to compare different cryptocurrencies with different currencies. You can use this feature to analyze, provide commentary, and predict trends for your readers.

2 specialized coin widgets
Widgets are a great place to share information with your readers.Crypto has designed many custom widgets, but there are 2 widgets dedicated to Crypto which will help users convert currency prices and display historical data.

Best Topics for Bitcoin and ICOs
The intention behind creating Crypto themes is to give cryptocurrency enthusiasts the perfect topic to write about their passion. With Crypto, you can create a blog about a single cryptocurrency, or easily cover the entire range of cryptocurrencies.

WooCommerce compatible.
Crytpo is not only able to write blogs. You can easily create an online store with WooCommerce and Crytpo will work perfectly with it. You can use WooCommerce integration to sell cryptocurrency based products or anything else, easily.

Drag and drop homepage section
The homepage is the most important page of your website, but its attractiveness and keeping it fresh can be a challenging task.Crypto theme has a drag and drop section that eliminates this problem permanently. Using this feature, creating a new homepage design is as easy as clicking and dragging with your mouse.

2 Home Page Post Layouts
To keep your readers engaged, Crypto offers 2 different article layouts for the home page. You can choose just one of these styles, or use different styles for different sections of the home page.

Integrated API Key
A theme designed for cryptocurrencies would be incomplete without displaying the prices of various cryptocurrencies.Crytpo is integrated with a number of APIs that allow you to display live prices of various cryptocurrencies on your website.

Responsive to all devices
Cryptocurrency enthusiasts aren’t just reading about the latest currencies on their desktops. They’re using their phones, tablets, and other devices to stay up to date on the fast-changing world of cryptocurrencies. The cryptographic theme uses our optimized fluid responsive framework to ensure that Crypto works perfectly on devices of all sizes. All elements of the theme can be intelligently resized to provide the perfect user experience for all devices.

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