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If you have even wanted to earn more money from ads on your website, Ad-Sense theme is the one you should get. It is the most ad friendly theme in the market and comes with features like better ad management, ad placement, ad blocker detection and content locking for ad block users. Simply put, this theme helps show ads to users who don’t want to see the ads.

There are over 700 million ad-blocking devices in the world, including mobile phones, tablets and computers. That’s like 10% of the world’s population browsing your website without seeing any ads. This is fine for someone starting a blog, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare for someone who relies on ad revenue for a living.

Are you in this situation when your visitors have so many blocked ads that it results in a considerable loss of revenue? You do what any logical person does and you either ask them nicely to stop blocking ads on your site, or you don’t let them benefit from your hard work until they stop blocking your ads.

The Ad-Sense theme does both of these things while nicely and more, which will help you make money from your blog.

This theme detects the use of ad-blocking software on the visitor’s device and triggers a pop-up window asking them to stop blocking ads. You can even set it to hide your content until they whitelist your site. This makes perfect sense and will result in increased ad revenue on your website.

Simply turn on ad detection and let the theme do its thing.

In addition, the theme has optimized ad placement, built-in and many other ad management options so you can really maximize your revenue.

General Settings
Upload Logo Image Options
Upload your own Favicon options
Easily set up icons for Apple devices
Upload Metro Icons
Twitter area
FeedBurner integration
The tracking code section includes
Built-in search engine validation section
Multiple pagination options
Built-in AJAX search option
Enable/disable responsiveness
Easily set the number of products on the homepage
Performance Options
Enable/disable prefetching
Enable lazy loading of images
Asynchronous JavaScript to improve page speed
Remove ver parameter for better browser caching
Optimize WooCommerce scripts
Styling Options
Choosing a primary color scheme
Selecting a secondary color scheme
Changing the layout style
Easily change the background color
Options to change the background image of the website
Includes parallax effect
Includes over 60 background patterns
Customizing the CSS section
Lightbox options for pictures
Header options
Select the background color of the header
Parallax effect on the head
Disabling Flags in Headers
Enable social icons in the header
Hide menu options
Floating Navigation Menu Options
Show social icons in the header
Show search in the header
Main navigation background options
Call to Action Section
Background of the Call to Action Section
Call to action
Call for action Title colour
Call to action button
Call to Action Button Background
Link to call to action button
Footer Options
Displaying the logo in the footer
Select footer logo image
Enable footer social icons
Select social icons in the footer
Select the background of the footer logo section.
Enables parallax on the background of the footer logo section.
Options for customizing the background image of the footer
Copyright section built-in
Change footer text color and font
Home Page Options
5 homepage layouts to choose from
Show post format icons
Enable hover effect
Select the featured category on the home page
Select post meta information for home page
Post comment number selection
Single job postings
Single posts with easy-to-use sections
Post meta information. Enable/disable options
Single Page Display Category
Select the meta information to display
Built-in breadcrumbs
Highlights Author Reviews
Date displayed in comments
Advertising Management Options
Detecting Ad Blockers
Ad Blocker Notification Types
Ad Blocker Headlines
Description of Ad Blocker
Make the site background clickable
Enable Header Ads
Enable/disable navigation ads
Enter custom navigation ad code
Select a navigation ad size
Select the background of the navigation ad
Show ads under article titles
Show ads under the article content

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  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
  • Share Your Valuable Opinions