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The Modal Surveys WordPress Polls, Surveys and Quizzes plugin provides the opportunity to hear your visitors’ voices through compelling polls. Unlimited surveys, questions and answers help to get any information, which is then displayed in stunning progress bars, beautiful pie charts or simple text display formats.

The admin panel grants you a professional interface to design your surveys, including RGB color picker to set the font and background color, DateTimePicker to schedule your surveys, sliders to set the right values such as border radius, padding, and you will find many more useful, user-friendly tools on the admin panel.

In the Visual Builder of Modal Survey – WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz Plugin, there are a large number of customization options, including live preview, start and expiration times, font families (650+ Google Font Styles). Font size, padding, border parameters, background, font and border colors, etc. …… All of these are designed to help you create stunning questionnaires through a user-friendly and professional interface. Full jQuery Easing Effects and speed options ensure smooth animations, including incoming and outgoing questionnaire behavior.

In addition, a number of special features extend the usability of the questionnaire for customization purposes. Combine the lock screen with a disable setting to force users to fill out the survey, or simply use the first option to highlight your survey to visitors. Also grants you the ability to pop up in WordPress polls when visitors almost reach the bottom of the page with a mouse roll. This particular event gives you an intelligent control over how your users meet with the survey in the first place.

Key Features – Modal Surveys – WordPress Survey Plugin
Visual Builder is in administration with live preview of WordPress polls.
Mobile Friendly and Responsive WordPress Polling Plugin
Parallax effect of the poll when scrolling the page.
Set start and expiration times for each questionnaire.
Choose from different polling styles (modal/popup, embed the survey into your WordPress page or post, open the survey by clicking a link).
Provide a gradient RGB color picker in the WordPress plugin management.
Ability to provide links/downloadable content at the end of a poll (forcing users to fill out a survey to get a link).
Unlimited questions and answers with one click to reset the survey count.
Lock Screen with WordPress Surveys
Multiple styles and modes of social sharing
At the end of the poll, ask for the participant’s name and email address.
Interactive voting tutorials in the administration area
Comparing individual votes and overall votes in a poll
Detailed Participant Statistics and Charts
Supports Active Campaign, Benchmark, Campaign Monitor, Campayn, Constant Contact, Freshmail, GetResponse, MadMimi, MailChimp, MailPoet, MyMail, SimplyCase, YMLP.
Modal surveys are provided in different positions (top, middle, bottom, right or left aligned).
Specify custom information at the end of a WordPress survey
Custom polling animations with full jQuery Easing effects.
Fully localizable WordPress plugin that defines the management of all messages, text.
Automatically display the same poll once per user
Dynamic Charts, Graphs, Bar Graphs and Dynamic Text for WordPress Questionnaire Results
Numerous plugin shortcodes are available to display WordPress survey results on your WordPress pages or posts (progress bar style, plain text style, etc.)
Ability to set up global polls across the entire WordPress site, or include them on a specific WordPress page.
Set each questionnaire can be turned off or forced to be filled out by the user for the poll.
Polls are only displayed when the user scrolls down at the bottom of the page
Detailed documentation
Export WordPress questionnaires to PDF, CSV, XML, XLS, and JSON.
Unique charts and hover charts. Pie charts, doughnut charts, bar charts, radar charts, line charts, polar charts.
Import of surveys from JSON (previously exported by Modal Survey – Recovery Backup).
Multiple poll answers – set minimum and desired number of answers.
Quickly update plugin process via WordPress Manual ZIP Updater
Use it as a customer satisfaction survey
Include shortcodes with Shortcode Manager via the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.
Clean and user-friendly administration interface
Repeat Voting
Control the conditional options for the next question in a WordPress questionnaire, depending on the answers to the survey.
Ajax-based survey list with filtering, sorting, pagination and detailed administrative information.
Custom PDF export headers without editing the export template file.
Administrator comments, showing participant details in shortcodes.
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