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Standard Features
Mobile Smart Pro offers all the features of the free Mobile Smart plugin, including.

1. mobile device detection: high quality mobile device detection

2. theme switcher: switch to the mobile theme of your choice when your website is viewed on a mobile device.

3. footer toggle: allows users to switch between mobile and desktop versions (template tabs or widgets).

4. tablet mode: enable/disable the switch for tablets such as iPads and Android tablets.

5. plus developer features such as template tags that allow developers to customize your theme to fit different devices, and a template “non-style” theme.

6. 6. CSS classes enable you to style your theme to suit the device tier, e.g. iphone tier, tablet tier. Support for user agent detection of responsive design of CSS.

Advanced Features
In addition, Mobile Smart Pro includes the following advanced features.

6. domain switching: redirects users to m.yoursite.com and/or switches themes when they arrive at m.yoursite.com (requiring you to change some DNS and web hosting settings). Domain Switching allows you to maintain a WordPress site for mobile and desktop, but present a different domain name for mobile and desktop users. Other options allow you to: a) Switch themes only when on a mobile domain b) Allow access to mobile domains only when on a mobile device. c) New: option allows you to maintain separate WordPress sites for mobile and desktop, and redirect from mobile to desktop, among other ways.

7. mobile/tablet post redirects: redirects individual posts/pages/custom post types to custom URLs when accessed from a mobile device or tablet.

8. mobile pages: provide mobile-specific rich text content (for all post types) on the same editing screen as your main content, as well as mobile excerpts of post types that support excerpting.

9. mobile menus: set up mobile-specific menus for easier navigation and to map your desktop theme menu locations to your mobile theme menu locations.

10. mobile home page: set a different page as your mobile home page when you

11. mobile plugins: disable specific plugins when users are viewing your site on a mobile device or tablet. For example, disable caching plugins, or disable plugins that may slow down your theme.

12. mobile widgets: disable selected widgets when the user is viewing your website on a mobile device/tablet/desktop, via a checkbox on the widget on the sidebar slot on the Appearance->Widgets page.

13. mobile shortcodes.

is_mobile: [is_mobile] some content for mobile devices only[/is_mobile].

is_tablet: [is_tablet]Some tablet-only content[/is_tablet]

is_desktop: [is_desktop]Some desktop-only content[/is_desktop]

14. test mode Test the mobile site before enabling theme switching for all users by appending ? testmobile=true to your URL.

15. multisite compatibility The plugin will display the currently allowed themes for each multisite subsite.

Google SEO Compatible
Mobile Smart Pro is compatible with Google Webmaster and Google indexing rules to prevent duplicate content or SEO cloaking. Note: Mobile sites are marked with rel=”alternate” and desktop sites are marked with rel=”content” when you set up the mobile domain switch.
The plugin also sends HTTP Vary: User Agent header by default (optionally disabled), which is Google’s recommended best practice to notify Googlebot-mobile to perform a second crawl as a mobile device. Note that this often does not work well with caching plugins.

Compatibility with other plugins
Gutenberg, Visual Composer, Divi and other page building plugins Mobile Smart Pro is compatible with the main new Gutenberg editor.
Mobile Smart Pro is also compatible with page plugins such as Visual Composer and Divi. It should be noted that for mobile page functionality, the Gutenberg and page builder tools are only displayed on the main editor, not the mobile editor.

The caching plugin Mobile Smart Pro has been tested with WP Super Cache, WP Total Cache, and WP Rocket. These should be configured to not cache mobile devices, or to cache mobile devices individually. We are working on ways to improve mobile device caching.

If you find that the mobile theme is showing up on your desktop, or vice versa, this is often because your caching plugin has cached the mobile theme and you need to set up the caching plugin correctly for your mobile device. More on this here.

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  • Unlimited domain use.
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