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Are you planning to build your own membership site? If yes, then you are making the right decision as this is recognized as one of the best online business strategies to earn a lucrative income. To run a successful membership site, we will advise you to get the MemberPress plugin which is one of the best sales plugins that is remarkable for creating a premium content library and making it accessible only to your registered members. After seeing the extraordinary features of this plugin, you will realize why it is considered as the best WordPress membership plugin. It will provide complete support to create an incredible membership site where you can hide premium content behind a paywall so not everyone can access it. Those who will get a paid membership will only have access to that premium content. So, here, the membership program acts as a key to gain access for your website visitors.

Prominent features of the MemberPress plugin

easy use

The Memberpress plugin is designed to provide ease of use as well as non-technical people. So if you don’t have technical knowledge of coding then also, you will be able to manage your members by granting and revoking their access to posts, pages, videos, categories, tags, feeds, communities, digital files and many more according to their chosen membership plan. In order to protect the content of your membership site, this plugin applies access rules while the membership plan or product acts as a key to release the protected content.

Create unlimited membership levels

When using this plugin, there is no limit on membership levels, and administrators can create an unlimited number of membership levels and bring in an unlimited number of members. Most membership plugins limit the number of membership plans per member. However, when you use MemberPress, then there is no such restriction and you can offer an unlimited number of membership plans per user without any restriction on access. This feature makes it the most compatible membership plugin to create an online learning site where students can get access to multiple courses over time.

Integration with Paywall

This remarkable membership plugin integrates with Paywall and supports this feature, which allows you to offer a certain amount of member content to the non-members of your website for free. This will serve as a trial period for the visitors of your website and this will also help the visitors to make the right decision if they want to go further with the content of your website. This feature is loved by most website visitors as it will help them realize the value for their money as well.

Member Press Shortcodes

When it comes to the ease of use of this membership plugin, then we can’t forget about the MemberPress shortcodes that users can use to get a good user experience. These are quite useful when you want to change the look of your website by performing a complete customization. With these built-in Memberpress shortcodes, you will be able to add advanced features to your website design, such as showing or hiding the content on the page, depending on the membership level chosen by the member.

Member Management

When it comes to membership management for membership sites then, we cannot ignore the fact that this is a daunting task. But if you are using this extraordinary membership plugin then, everything can be simplified with just a few clicks of a button. Through the backend of your WordPress site, you can easily manage subscriptions and transactions for all members quite easily. As a site administrator, you also have the power to cancel, suspend or refund members and members can also choose to cancel or suspend their accounts via their account page. The plugin also comes with reporting tools that will help you keep track of everything such as the total number of members, how much revenue your site has earned, which affiliate programs are the most popular, refund status and also the average lifetime value of the members.

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