1.0.5 MemberPress Divi Content Protection

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If you use Divi to create and manage your WordPress site, it’s now easier than ever to control the content your members see at different levels. Our new plugin gives Divi MemberPress users the ability to lock or unlock content based on membership levels and rules (directly from the Divi dashboard).

What is Divi?
WordPress makes building websites easy, especially with a page builder.Divi is a fantastic page builder plugin from Elegant Themes that brings front-end page editing capabilities to WordPress.The plugin transforms the website building experience with a feature-rich user interface, tons of design options, and attractive templates.

Divi integrates with many other plugins to make it easier for users to build sites, adding ease of use and security for all kinds of customization. Now MemberPress is on the integration list too!

This means that all levels of MemberPress subscribers now have access to our new Content Protection Divi add-on!

How does this help your membership site?
If you use Divi Page Builder to create your website, this new add-on has been designed specifically for you. It combines the power of the WordPress page builder and MemberPress to help you customize your content for the right people at the right time.

This add-on will be right for you if you meet the following criteria.

You use Divi to create your WordPress site.
You want to optimize the experience for high paying clients.
You want to develop members-only sections on specific pages as teasers for free or low-level members.
You want to add more features and control your backend experience with MemberPress.
The ability to manage and filter is what makes a membership site successful. We’re proud to say that you now have more control than ever with our new Page Builder content protection add-on.

An Easier Way to Segment Your Content
What is a membership site without control? We were thinking the same thing, so we’ve improved your ability to control the content of your site and provided more options to fine-tune your membership.

We’ve made it even easier for you.

Easy editorial access within rows – Our Content Protection Divi plugin is accessible from within row options. It gives you the ability to hide content for some people, while making it available to others. The content within your selected rows will only be displayed when the desired membership is active, giving your site a customizable feel based on membership level.
Custom Membership Rules – Create rules to set parameters for each section of your membership site. Set up specialized messages to insert your upgrades, highlight what unauthorized viewers are missing, and give peek-a-boo features that are typically only available to paying customers.
Decide on Unauthorized Access Actions – How do you want MemberPress to handle unauthorized access? You can now set up special messages to show to users who don’t meet specific membership rules.
MemberPress is all about enhancing your membership site experience and now you have more power than ever to control the content that visitors can see and engage with. Our new Content Protection integration will help you keep your membership independent, enticing and unique.

Activate your MemberPress Divi content protection plugin to get started.
Ready to try it out? Anyone with a MemberPress subscription can take advantage of these new integrations, including the basic version. Download and activate Divi’s Content Protection plugin to get started and test this exciting new feature.

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