1.9.0 MedicPress Medical Theme for Doctors and Clinics

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Professional design for your medical practice
Patients can become very delicate in their medical care. Would you trust your health to someone who seems unprofessional? Our medical WordPress theme will make you look sharp on the web as well. In many cases, a website is the first interaction between a doctor and a patient. The patient is given their trust before they even meet the doctor in person. Now it’s time for you to have a stylish online presentation as well.

Highlight your contacts
In an emergency, the patient must immediately find an emergency phone. Every second counts. Website visitors are also able to make appointments at their dentist, check opening hours and easily find important announcements.

Contact widget

opening hours

Highlight working hours
Most online visitors will search for opening hours on your website. Make sure they can find what they’re looking for. Does every doctor in your practice have her own work schedule? MedicPress has you covered, and our Open Hours widget is easy to use, multi-lingual ready, and professional looking for visitors.

Navigate with icons
MedicPress has a clean and modern feel that exudes safety and harmony. Exactly what your patients want from a health clinic website. In addition to the standard 675 Font Awesome icons, MedicPress also includes 50 custom medical icons to best represent your area of expertise. There are a total of 725 icons to choose from.

Medical Icons
Reservation Form
Accessibility contact form
Give your patients the option to schedule an appointment online, directly from your website. Have multiple doctors? No problem, you can set up an appointment form for each of them.

MedicPress supports RTL (right to left).
The MedicPress WordPress theme includes style sheets and supports right to left languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac and others.

Note: The Product is Activated.

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