1.2.2 MEC Ticket and Invoice

Product DescriptionOverview

You can easily sell your event on your website using the Ticket & Invoice add-on. This add-on allows you to manage the check-in of your attendees and send tickets and invoices in email format.

Advanced Ticketing
Sell tickets and register attendees on your website.
Using this plugin, you can design your own invoices and tickets. The QR code on the ticket enables you to check in attendees using a QR code scanning device. Using this tool, you can manage your payments on your own website. There is no need to refer your customers to any other third party website.

Key Features
Fast and easy check-in
Fully functional QR code check-in on your smartphone, and a clean and beautiful design.

Check a booking
Easily check and validate all issued tickets for a booking.

Check-in role management
You can define roles for the people you want to be responsible for managing and checking tickets.

Company information
Provide your company’s information such as VAT, address, logo, and more for invoices in PDF format to your users.

Bills and invoice templates
Now you can have an optimized and beautiful template for tickets and invoices.

Uncheck guests.
You can easily check in your guests and cancel their check-in if needed.

Importing previous bookings
Import previous booking data without losing any data prior to purchasing the add-on.

Attendee List
Added columns to the Attendee list that show their check-in status.

Invoice management
In addition to scanning QR codes, you can also manage invoices through the back office.

Product Information

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  • Unlimited domain use.
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