1.1.0 MEC RSVP Events Addon

How to add events to the MEC plugin?
Okay, it’s time to create an event. To add an event, go to the WordPress menu and navigate to ME Calendar > Add Event.

1- FES Details: Front-end event submission event details where user data and messages can be displayed when the end user sends a new event from the FES form:.

2- Date and Time: Set the date and time of the event. In addition, you can set a whole day event without a specific time, or you can hide the end time; or the start and end time in a single event page.

In addition, you can enter comments such as time zone here, which is displayed next to the event time on the individual event page.

Countdown: This feature adds the ability to change the countdown method and visibility of the event on the shortcode. It’s like counting down until the end of the event.

Visibility: This feature adds the ability to hide the current event from all MEC short codes.

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