4.1 MainWP Maintenance

Clean up all unwanted content and optimize your database tables
MainWP Maintenance is a MainWP extension that allows you to clean up your subsite’s databases. With just a few clicks you can quickly delete all post revisions, automatic drafts, spam posts, spam comments and remove all unwanted content from multiple databases at once.

That’s not all; our intuitive scheduling system will allow you to schedule multiple tasks and clean your site on a regular basis. the MainWP plugin will automatically perform maintenance based on your instructions.

Another great feature this extension offers is database optimization; with the click of a button, you can quickly optimize all your subsite databases to reduce storage space and improve I/O efficiency.

Why use the MainWP Maintenance extension?
WordPress uses almost everything you do to add or modify your site’s database. Many of these changes don’t need to be kept, bloating your database and slowing down your site.

Google, other search engines and your users are obsessed with site speed, which is an important factor in their search ranking algorithms. the MainWP Maintenance Extension allows you to quickly and easily automate this cleanup on all your subsites.

404 Email Alerts
No need to manually look for 404 errors; this extension allows you to monitor your subsites for 404, which will send you an email as soon as someone clicks on a page that doesn’t exist on your subsite.

Speed up your site
Reduce your site’s load time by optimizing your database and regularly removing all irrelevant content.

Save Storage Space
MySQL is an excellent database, but it doesn’t clean itself up. This extension will allow you to avoid wasting space in your database.

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