1.8.3 MailChimper PRO – WordPress MailChimp Signup Form

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MailChimper PRO is a WordPress MailChimp form plugin that supports MailChimp and many more providers. Giving you the ability to collect visitors’ email addresses with this fancy, attention-grabbing newsletter subscription form and then pass the data directly to your MailChimp list. The signup form is easy and fully customizable, and you can translate all of the text above. By default, you’ll get a prepared subscription form that only requires you to fill in your email address or MailChimp ID.

Provides a professional and fast solution to start building your MailChimp email list in minutes. You can use it with MailChimp, but if you have any other newsletter database manager, you can use it as well. In this case, the plugin will send you messages about each newsletter subscription with the subscriber’s email address, so you can easily add it to your own email list manager. You can also use this feature as a sign-up notification.

Effective solution as a MailChimp WordPress plugin

It can also connect to Active Campaign, Benchmark, Campaign Monitor, Campayn, Constant Contact, Freshmail, GetResponse, MailPoet, MyMail, MadMimi,… SimplyCast and YMLP. in this case, the plugin will automatically deliver the subscription details to your existing mailing list and the user can subscribe without any further interaction.

WordPress MailChimp Plugin Feature Flow

Visual Builder allows you to easily design your own MailChimp subscription form. Choose from over 650 Google font styles, set font size, font color, animations, borders and more. Offers different animations combined with different positions to make truly unique and stunning signup forms. Live preview provides the ability to view the designed form directly while editing.

Popup and embed MailChimp signup forms

Pop-up and embedded custom fields are provided. You can include just a simple email subscription form, or create advanced registration fields with many custom fields.

The available custom fields cover all possibilities for creating any subscription form, including text input, text fields, radio buttons, selection boxes and even hidden fields. When you use the pop-up mode plugin, it can be displayed on your entire website or only on specified pages. This gives you complete control over your marketing opportunities and the ability to create your own campaigns effectively. The embed mode helps to absolutely integrate the subscription area with the content, so visitors will be more likely to subscribe.

YouTube video integration

Quick Youtube integration. a short video can tell a lot more than a thousand words, so why not use it for a subscription form? The plugin provides a very easy integration with your YouTube videos to dramatically increase subscription rates.

The video fill popup will be displayed in a professional and elegant manner. The input field is displayed in front of the video and visitors can easily subscribe to your mailing list while playing the YouTube video.

The framed popup allows for some design around the video, it can use the same background color of the video and popup, but it can also display well when you don’t want to override the movie with form elements. Additional customization features are also available, such as video size, location, autoplay, looping, and more.

Social signups, Facebook and Google Plus combined with MailChimp integration

Social integration gives you the ability to avoid email misspellings, and subscriptions make it easier to complete your visitors. Clicking Sign Up for Facebook or Google Plus allows your users to get their email address directly from the social network, they don’t need to fill out the email address field.

With this feature, you can make sure that the user’s email address is valid because it has already been verified by the chosen social network. Plus, it’s much more comfortable for visitors than entering their email address.

Special animations for MailChimp WordPress plugin

Special animations, unique format. However, animations are just optional and are highly recommended. Most visitors prefer a new, modern website that will give your site a more professional experience. The plugin offers major animations, which will set how the pop-ups are displayed on the screen. By configuring this animation type, you can set the position and animation style. Special effects can be implemented through item effects, which will animate all elements in the popup window. Thus, you can provide your visitors with a fully animated live subscription option in an unobtrusive way. Using the latest CSS3 and hardware acceleration techniques, you can combine major animations with project effects to achieve more than 200 animation types.

A variety of predefined templates can help you save time and get the best form design on your website. However, the registration form provides a visual generator to design your customized

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