2.2.3 LoftLoader Pro – Preloader Plugin for WordPress

Product DescriptionOverview

Visitors getting impatient while waiting for content to load?

Waiting can be enjoyable.

LoftLoader is a small but powerful preloader plugin that adds interesting and unique preloader animations to your WordPress site.

Check out some examples
Check some examples
Main features
Infinite Colors Infinite colors for your brand.

Stay sharp, high quality and super fast. Built with pure CSS3 animation.

Custom images and animations for uploading and customizing images. Load, rotate, bounce and scroll. Make every bit of your website enjoyable and memorable.

Looks great on any device.

Live Preview Easy to edit and live preview. Enhanced and elegant settings panel.

Progress settings Flexible and controllable. Load animations, progress bars, or count percentages, take your pick, or use a mix.

Add more user-friendly effects that will impress your visitors at first glance.

Display Mode
Turn the preloader on or off.
Select to display it on the global site or on all pages.
Display it only on the home page.
Display it once per session to visitors.
Choose to hide the loader for the selected type: product, portfolio, etc.
Choose to show the loader only in the selected article type (product, portfolio, etc.). (New feature)
Manually select it to open it for a specific page or post.
Manually exclude selected pages/posts (for “sitewide” and “all pages”).

Show or hide the loader.
19 types of animations to choose from.
6 types of support for custom images.
Any color can be selected.
The animation loops forever, or only once (ends after the page loads).
Use custom HTML as a loader (new feature added in v2.2.2).

Background images
Solid or transparent.
Infinite background colors.
11 end transition effects: gradient, horizontal/vertical split, slide left, slide right, slide up, shrink and gradient, vertical split and display, horizontal split and display, or diagonal split (see more information about the diagonal split animation).
Opacity Control. Reduce the opacity to make it visible to visitors.
Gradient background color.
Background image. Duplicate patterns, or full images.
New feature in version 2.2: When using background images, users can choose to upload background images for mobile devices separately.

Show or hide the progress indicator.
Select the progress bar, count percentages, or both.
Set the position. Top, middle, bottom, or bottom of the loader.
Select any color for it.
Adjust the width and height of the progress bar.
Choose one of the Google fonts to change the font size, weight, and letter spacing of the percentages.
Place the percentages behind the animation to create a unique design.

Customize the welcome message
Display a custom welcome/load message.
Change the font size of the text.
Select any color of the text.
Set the position. Top, bottom, or before the progress indicator.
Google Fonts, font weight and letter spacing settings.
Random messages – check example (new feature).

Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
  • Share Your Valuable Opinions