3.2.8 Let’s Review WordPress Plugin

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Let’s Review is a WordPress comment plugin that allows you to add beautiful responsive and modern comment boxes to your posts with an effective JSON-LD mode. It’s Gutenberg ready and adds a variety of exclusive Gutenberg comment blocks, making it easier than ever to add beautiful and comprehensive comment boxes.Let’s review is powerful, but ridiculously simple to use thanks to a well-designed backend system. You’ll find lots of graphic options and quick drag-and-drop options that allow you to add an unlimited number of criteria, positive and negative. You can even monetize your reviews by adding unlimited modern affiliate buttons and unique animations.

Let’s review allows you to choose from many formatting options, including percentages, points, stars, custom icons, and custom images. With the custom icon option, you can enter any html code for the icon. The plugin is integrated with FontAwesome (which can be disabled in the plugin options if desired), which means you already have 628 icons to choose from. With the custom image option, you can upload any single image you want to appear, and the plugin will automatically display it 5 times by criteria and in the final rating box, in addition to which, with a little bit of magical code, the plugin will automatically create all animations.

WordPress comment plugin with affiliate options
Let’s Review also comes with affiliate options for your reviews, so you can monetize your reviews with the help of nice affiliate buttons. You can add an unlimited number of buttons to any website you want. The text of each button is customizable as well.

Reviews in user reviews
Increase your visitors’ engagement by allowing them to submit their own full comments. Visitor comments are possible thanks to the elegant integration into the WordPress commenting system.

Thumbs up/thumbs down (helpful/unhelpful) system for visitor comments.
Allowing other visitors to decide if the comments left by other visitors in the comments are helpful/unhelpful, the modern thumbs up/thumbs down counting system works perfectly with comments.

Let’s review Gutenberg Blocks.
With the new Let’s Review Gutenberg block, adding reviews is easier and faster than ever before. It’s intuitive, easy and quick to use. No more ugly shortcodes!

Set default options for reviews
Thanks to the default options section, you can save time by setting default options. This includes accent colors, formatting, designs, animation types, positions, skin color styles and standard default options.

Powerful widgets
The plugin also comes with a powerful widget, the Let’s Review widget has many options to choose from, including multiple design options, order options and filters.

Shortcode Tool
Let’s Review comes with several powerful shortcodes for you to use. Since Let’s Review’s shortcode tool is automatically added to the editor toolbar, inserting them is as easy as pie.

First Class Support
Let’s Review is probably the most powerful review system ever produced and published for WordPress. If you run into any issues, you can count on the highest quality support.

It’s not for nothing that Codetipi is the highest selling author on all of Themeforest! Our review system is probably the most powerful review system ever created, and if you run into any issues, you can count on the best quality support.

Migration Tools
Do you have reviews created for Valenti (theme), 15Zine (theme), additional theme/Divi reviews or WP product reviews (Themeisle plugin)? You can convert all of these reviews to Let’s Review reviews in seconds with a single click.

It can be translated into any language and RTL Ready.
Fully translatable into any language (including RTL languages) with the help of .po/.mo files. And the plugin already comes with a full translation file for French and Spanish. Over time, more languages will be added to the user’s sent language.

Built-in rich snippet markup.
The comment box comes with rich snippet markup, which means that when search engines, such as Google, will display the comment data. This is useful for improving the CTR of search engines.

Super clean code.
By following the best WordPress and OOP coding practices, the plugin is written in super clean code. It ensures strong performance, theme compatibility and compatibility with future WordPress versions.

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  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
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