3.1.9 LearnPress Certificates Add-on

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Certificate add-ons provide LearnPress with simple drag and drop design tools to create certificates for your courses.

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The two bundles are virtually identical, except the LearnPress PRO bundle has task and announcement add-ons that let you use up to 03 sites and use add-ons with any theme.

When completing a course, you can provide a certification for students who pass – proof of completion of that course. You can design your certificate yourself or edit it using the available templates/samples. Thus, you can add and customize a lot of information to make the certificate different and unique for your course.

Your students will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Since certificates can be easily forged, we have added a verification feature that allows the certificate to have a verification link. When a student shares the certificate with someone else (employer, school, etc.) they can check the link and verify that it is an authentic certificate.

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