2.2.0 LearnDash LMS Zapier Integration

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About us
Zapier is a service that allows you to easily connect two applications without having to know how to code, and currently has a library of over 300 applications.Zapier calls these connections “Zap”, and this integration allows you to create Zaps that contain LearnDash activity.

Additional Features
Perform actions based on 7 specific LearnDash activities in over 300 applications. Trigger actions for other apps when someone enrolls in a course, completes a course, completes a course, completes a topic, passes a quiz, fails a quiz, or completes a quiz.

Support for global and specific LearnDash events. Perform an action based on a global event (i.e., each quiz passed) or set a specific trigger (i.e., when a quiz is passed).

Easily connect LearnDash to the popular Zapier application without coding. Simply add a new LearnDash trigger to your WordPress admin panel, integrate it, and you’ll be able to communicate with Zapier with the necessary information.

Use Case
Add users to an email list when they register for a course (MailChimp, aWeber, etc.).
Add users to an email list when they complete a course (great for cross-promotion!) .
Keep track of all failed quiz attempts for a specific course in Google Docs.
Generate a help desk ticket when someone fails a quiz (HelpScout).
Add a user to the CRM platform of your choice (Salesforce, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, etc.) when they register for a course.
Send a notification (email or text message) when someone signs up for a course.
Generate invoices when a course is completed (Freshbooks, Xero, etc.).
Post to Twitter or Facebook when someone completes the course.

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