1.5.3 LearnDash LMS Notifications

This add-on takes learner engagement in your LearnDash courses to a new level. Configure various notifications to be sent automatically based on what learners do (and don’t do) in the course.

This is the perfect tool to drive learner engagement, encouragement, promotion and cross-selling.

Additional Features
Automatic Notification Delivery
Notifications are automatically sent when learners perform certain actions on your LMS, based on your configured settings.

13 Available Triggers
Notifications are sent based on any of the following triggers. Triggers can be configured for a specific course/curriculum/topic/quiz, or they can be “global”.

User registration for a course
User completes a course
User completes a lesson
User can use a scheduled course
User completes a topic
User passes a quiz
User does not pass a quiz
User completes a quiz
Assignments have been uploaded
Assignment has been approved
User has not logged in for “X” days
X days before the course is due
Paper topic is in grading status
Delayed notifications
Notifications can be sent immediately, or you can configure a delay (in days) in sending the message.

34 dynamic short codes
When you select a notification trigger, you will see dynamic short codes that you can use in your messages to automatically display course information, user details, course title, quiz scores, and more.

Select Recipients
The recipient of the notification can be a user, the user’s group leader, and/or the site administrator.

Product Information

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