1.3.0 LearnDash Content Cloner

Creating course copies is a breeze with LearnDash’s Wisdm Content Cloner extension. The entire course hierarchy (courses, lessons, topics) is copied and added to your LearnDash LMS.

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Features to look for in Content Cloner
Duplicate course icons for quick creation of new courses
Duplicate courses to quickly create new courses
Clone course content
Save time by quickly and easily cloning/editing existing courses. You can duplicate the entire course structure and simply change the title before publishing new content. Bulk editing of course, lesson and topic titles is also supported, organized in a similar way to the original course.
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Icon for instantly renaming cloned course content titles
Rename cloned course content titles instantly
Batch course renaming
Instead of going to individual cloned course, lesson, topic, and quiz pages, you can instantly change the cloned course content titles. This will save you a lot of time in renaming cloned course blocks, especially if your course has a lot of associated content.

Product Information

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  • Unlimited domain use.
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