2.09 League Table

Product DescriptionOverview

League Table is a versatile WordPress plugin that allows you to create beautiful sortable and responsive tables within your posts, pages, custom post types, or widget areas.

Many WordPress users are using this plugin because.

It’s fast and easy to use.
It’s easy to use and you don’t even need to read the manual to create a perfect form, check out this video to see how you can create a form in 30 seconds.

Powerful Features
There are 105 options per table, 17 options per cell, 13 general options, a spreadsheet editor to edit table data, and an advanced multi-column sorting system where you can creatively represent various tables. Take a look at this screenshot to get an idea of the extremely large number of available options.

With League Table, you won’t waste time adding table data using a regular CRUD editor, the most efficient way to create and edit table data is obviously the spreadsheet editor, which is implemented in this plugin using the powerful Handsontable JavaScript library.

The spreadsheet editor provided in League Table allows you to.

Copy your data directly from your favorite O.S. or online spreadsheet editor (MS Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Google Sheet, etc.) to League Table and vice versa.
Easily add data by using the common functions provided by spreadsheet software (copy and paste a group of cells, drag rows, drag columns).
With the embedded spreadsheet editor, you don’t even need the usual “import CSV” function because by copying and pasting from your spreadsheet software, you can easily import data from any CSV, XLS, or ODS (and all other formats supported by your spreadsheet software) file.

Rankable sequence
With the included sorting system, you will be able to sort your tables according to the criteria applied to multiple columns, enable or disable manual sorting of tables for your users, optionally generate a column that automatically indicates the position of each row, and more.

The included sorting system supports different types of data.

Currency (you can use dots or commas as decimal points as you wish)
Date (all the most common date formats are supported)
The ability of the sorting system to handle different types of data makes this plugin very versatile, just to give you an idea of how you can use it.

Sports schedule
Sports results
Sports Betting
Sports statistics
roll of honor
pricing table
Product Comparison
Financial data
weather data
Population data
ladder race
Achievement List
And much more…
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