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The main function of a theme is to determine how a website looks, not how it works.” The “how it works” part is for plugins, known as the plugin domain. Many recruitment website themes try to invade the plugin realm by trying to include features that are clearly outside the scope of the theme. This causes a great deal of discomfort as users will never be able to switch themes or risk losing the site, its data and functionality.

Keeping the above discomfort in mind, we have built Jobhunt – Job Board WordPress theme as a WP job management plugin. Our theme styles the look of the site, while the WP Job Management plugin offers the functionality of a job board.

Jobhunt is an easy to use, cleanly coded and fast recruitment website WordPress theme, built on the principle of separation of WP Job Manager’s concerns. It supports all the features of WP Job Manager, such as filterable job listings, job submission, employer dashboard and job submission.

Jobhunt also supports WP Job Manager Core Add-on Bundle, which includes Resume Manager, Job Alerts, Indeed Integration, Job Tags, Paid Listings, Job Applications and more.

Built for WP Job Manager.
Our theme is responsible for the “How the site looks” section, while the “What the site does” section is handled by WP Job Manager, a lightweight open source job board plugin for WordPress. This plugin is maintained by Automattic, the same company that manages WordPress. With such solid backing and contributions from the best minds in WordPress, WP Job Manager is the best job board plugin for WordPress.

The theme is lightweight, and when using caching plugins such as WP Rocket, CDNs such as CloudFlare and a good server, you can achieve very fast load times for your site.

The theme does not include features that are outside the scope of a theme. This means that the functionality of your site is not tied to the theme. You are free to use a variety of third-party plugins to extend the functionality of your site.

5 different homepages with 15+ blocks
Jobhunt comes with 5 different homepages and more than 15 blocks. You can use King Composer to mix and match different blocks to make your homepage unique.

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