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Better Form Conversions
Gravity Forms’ collapsible sections allow you to easily simplify the way your users or customers interact with large Gravity Forms. Make your long forms easier to navigate and improve your form conversion rates by grouping your long forms into collapsible sections.

Long forms are notoriously bad at converting, and collapsible sections will convert your forms into beautifully displayed, easy-to-use conversion generators.

Use Section breaks to group fields to add accordions.
Collapsible Sections are easy to add to existing forms. Simply add a new section to your form or update an existing section field to activate the collapsible feature. You can start and end collapsible sections anywhere in your form, and you can group any number of fields together and then continue your form’s normal fields as needed.

Collapsible Options
With the activation of this plugin, you can easily turn your regular section field into a collapsible accordion. Have your section field start as a collapsible group, end a collapsible group, or act as a regular section field.

These options allow you to still have the default section function in a collapsible group, which is basically the initialization of the section field.

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