1.5.0 JetPopup For Elementor

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You’ll love the JetPopup plugin for Elementor.
Everything is drag-and-drop.
You can use the Elementor widget to create the desired layout and add content.
You can use pop-up triggers
Select the event, set the timer and date when the popup block is about to appear on the page.
Any popup can be animated
Draw more attention to yourself. Apply one of the existing animation effects to a pop-up window.
No need to build everything from scratch.
Instead, simply choose from a variety of pop-up presets. Countdowns, discounts, promotions, subscriptions… JetPopup has it all.

After opening the
A pop-up window opens when the page opens, providing the following information.

Ongoing sales and discounts
Latest news and publications
Changes in policy
Eject user attempts to exit
User attempts to exit
Allows a popup to appear when a visitor wants to close the page.

Registration Form
special offer
Yes/No form
Pop-up page progress scrolling
Page progress scrolling
Add a pop-up window to the page to display when people scroll the page to add it.

Basic tips for using a website or service
Subscription Benefits
Social sharing links
Pop-ups attached to widgets
Attached to the panel
Set pop-ups for specific Elementor widgets to be displayed on click, scroll or page load.

Contact information
Social Media Links
Any other content
User Idle Time Popups
User inactivity time
Let the popup appear when the visitor has already spent some time on the page to add it.

Registration Form
Yes/No form
advertising banner
Popups about setting dates
at the appointed time
Set a specific date for the pop-up to start appearing on the website to inform.

The start of your project
discounted price
Special events or festivals

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Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
  • Share Your Valuable Opinions