2.9.3 JetEngine For Elementor

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Custom job types
Arrange the outside of your website using “Custom Post Types”. Structure your content so that it is easy to grasp and visually perceive.

Group existing and newly added post types into specific categories to ensure a smooth page redirect.

Group existing and newly added post types into specific categories to ensure smooth page-to-page redirection.

Custom fields
Expand custom post types. Add the meta-fields you need to make CPTs look informative and clean.

Custom Fields
Expand custom post types. Add as many meta fields as you need to make CPTs look informative and neat.

Relate each custom post type to each other in your arsenal to provide relevant information on demand.

Associate each custom post type in your arsenal with each other to provide relevant information on demand.

Options Page
Create a special page that stores all additional options that can be further assigned to any custom post type or category.

Options page
Create a special page that stores all additional options that can be further assigned to any custom post type or category.

Get Dynamic
Development of listed projects
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Engine Parallax Project 1
Engine Parallax Project 2
Engine Parallax Project 2
Dynamic widgets
JetEngine’s streamlined user interface allows the construction of complex dynamic structures with little to no coding skills. Use all the dynamic components to make your content engaging and interactive.

Dynamic Fields
Extracts metadata or dynamic content from a specified source and designs the appearance of it.

Dynamic images
Displays the featured images of created CPTs or taxonomies and visually enhances them.

Dynamic Repeaters
Set up dynamic repeaters for taxonomies and CPTs so that all list items maintain the same structure.

Dynamic Links
Add links to any post or category template and display them easily on the front end.

Dynamic Terminology
Use this Elementor widget to display the dynamic taxonomy added to any post or page.

Dynamic Elementor
Add metadata about the author, publication date, and reviews in a custom template.

Make it more special.
Explore the list grid
Explore the list grid
Develop dynamic lists and flexible grid layouts so that your CPTs, taxonomies and user lists can be displayed neatly and artistically. Insert and display all requested meta content and see how cool it looks on the front end.

Customize the layout and number of columns to make the list grid perfect and beautiful.

Activating this mode manages the height of the columns and gives the list a more modern look.

Explore – List – Grid – Masonry
How many list items have different styles? Select Injections to merge style settings and use your meta content as a unique layout.

Deliver list items as a set of scrollable slides. You can simplify navigation with arrows and dots, or set an autoplay mode.

Dynamic map list
Benefit from the combined effect of the map and list grid. To learn more about a specific location, simply click on the active image marker. You will be redirected to an existing CPT page, or a pop-up window with details about the location. In addition, you can apply any filters you need.

Map List – Dynamic Map List
Style Settings
Styling Your Map List A to Z First select the desired map style, then customize the appearance of the image markers. You can display each marker as an icon, image or text.

Map List – Styles – Settings
automatic adjustment
Never worry about manually entering data again. As soon as you add another custom post type, the markers with metadata will automatically appear on the map.

Maps-Listings-Auto-adjust retina.
Try listing on a map.
Display the list as clickable dots on a map. Setup is as easy as ABC, just select the items for the listings and configure their queries. Map listings are best suited for travel agents, reservation services, and local diners.

Create custom calendars
Use JetEngine’s dynamic widgets to drive your calendar and make a visually compelling schedule. You can add as many events as you want and play around with the style to make it eye-catching. As a result, you will get an elegant calendar that meets all your needs.

Get dynamic and data filled
Go to the dynamic widget and build your calendar list from scratch. Create multiple events per date and insert any content type you need. Icons, dates and times, media, links, locations, and even QR codes can be assigned to any given event.

Get dynamic and packaged data
Versatile styling options
Make your calendar look fresh and stylish? This is no longer a problem. Choose from one of the 4 available layouts and adjust the field size, background, typography, padding and navigation arrows to your liking.

Variety of style options
Background display settings
Don’t forget to set the desired query parameters such as date, meta, and category query type to ensure a smooth display of the calendar list grid.

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