1.6.5 iPanorama 360° – Virtual Tour Builder for WordPress

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The iPanorama 360 Virtual Tour Builder is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create awesome virtual tours for your clients without advanced programming knowledge. Using the built-in generator, you can easily upload your panoramic photos, add hotspots, allow users to navigate from one scene to another, and add pop-ups that point out important information about any part of the scene. You can enrich hotspots or pop-ups with text, images, videos and other online media. This panorama plugin is responsive and works on all modern browsers and mobile devices. Use this plugin to create interactive tours, maps and presentations.

Feature list
5 scene types – sphere, cube, asteroid, plane and Google Street View.
Markers – allows you to mark the different areas you want to point out.
Virtual tour – go from one scene to another by clicking on special markers
Tooltip System – This plugin has a powerful tooltip system built in.
Popup system – displays a lot of information in a lightbox.
Marker style creator – create your own marker view.
Tooltip show and hide animations – choose from over 50 types.
Pop-up show and hide animations – choose from over 50 types.
Scene transition effects – choose from over 20+ types (zoom, fade, swirl, etc.).
Thumbnails – allow people to quickly see a snapshot of your scene.
Preview Image – You can set an image that will be displayed as a preview.
Full Screen – You can switch from normal to full screen and back again.
Mouse Wheel – Scroll to zoom with the mouse wheel
Keyboard – Arrows can be used to navigate through the scene.
Touch – Touch is used to navigate the task
Gyroscope – navigation system with mobile device orientation
Autoplay – the scene automatically rotates around an axis.
Audio Background – sets the background music for the scene.
Embed – Use iframe to publish panoramas on different websites.
Awesome look – 2 predefined themes (light and dark).
Responsive design.
Import and export configurations – save virtual tours to a file.
Powerful API – over 45 options
Help via email

Version 1.6.4 12/09/2020
* Fix: save & load an item from a config file

Version 1.6.3 10/09/2020
* New: preload images to get faster pano loading experience
* New: shortcode attribute ‘width’, ‘height’

Version 1.6.2 29/07/2020
* Fix: camera save option doesn’t work (cause black screen)
* Fix: look at a shape
* Mod: add the core plugin versioning to the loader

Version 1.6.1 29/07/2020
* Fix: loader can’t load old items

Version 1.6.0 29/07/2020
* New: scene transition effects (fade, zoom, swirl and etc)

Version 1.5.25 24/07/2020
* Fix: compatibly with old items (resave item)

Version 1.5.24 24/07/2020
* Fix: marker positions for the flat scene type
* Fix: widget styles

Version 1.5.23 20/07/2020
* Fix: disabled the marker autoFocus & go to a new scene
* Mod: sets the camera lookAt position via yaw & pitch values
* New: sets the marker position via yaw & pitch values
* New: DB field ‘editor’

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