2.4.5 Interactive World Maps

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Show different areas
You will be able to show hundreds of different types of maps that have been included.
A map of the entire world.
A continent or a subcontinent. (Africa, Europe, the Americas, Asia, Oceania and all its subcontinents.)
One country. (Nearly every country in the world, featuring those in greatest demand, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, India, Australia…. United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, India, Australia…)
A country is divided by region. *
A state in the United States.
A state in the United States divided by a metropolitan area.
A state of the United States divided by a metropolitan area.
Color the area or add markers
You can add active colored regions to the map and display them in two different ways.
As Region – It will color the entire region, for example a continent, a subcontinent, a country, a province of a country, or a U.S. state.
As a marker – it will display a colored bubble within the selected area, which can be a city, a state, or a country.

Add interactivity
You can add interactivity to an active area.
Tooltip – By default, a tooltip is displayed along with the information you provide.
Actions – By default, a tooltip is displayed when the user clicks. You can set different actions for when a user clicks on an active area. You can open a new URL, or simply display a message. Advanced users can create their own Javascript features to customize the action, such as opening a message with a lightbox effect.

You will be able to dress up the visual of your map.
Background colors.
The width and color of the square frame border.
The color of the inactive area.
The individual colors for each active area.
The size of the marker.
The width and height of the map.

Add the map anywhere on your site
You can use a shortcode to include the map in posts, pages, and even sidebar widgets! You can also add the map to your template with a simple php function. You can also add the map to your template with a simple php function.

If no width is specified, it will load at the maximum width available in the container div. For example, it will load and fit different sizes of phones/ipads/laptops. However, if you resize the window after loading it, it will not change the size.

Since version 1.4, the plugin includes an option to make the map fully responsive. This will use jQuery to check if the window size has changed and will redraw the map with the new available space. Example of a responsive, interactive map
Cross-device and browser compatibility
These maps are built in SVG format and do not use flash so they can be displayed in Mac products.

Making CSS hacks easier
There are some features that the Google Geochart API doesn’t provide by default, but the plugin provides a “custom CSS generator” to help with features such as hovering color-changing effects, implementing font icons as markers, changing border colors, and more.

Where to use it?
This plugin is perfect for.
Travel Sites – Create maps to show destinations and link to pages about specific locations.
Traveler’s websites – Show destinations/countries visited on a map.
Multinational Companies – Draw a map of the city/country in which they operate.
Small Companies – Plot the location of the company on a map of the country.
NGO —- maps NGO projects around the world.
Infographic – Displays easy-to-read maps and a variety of information.
And many more applications! Be creative!

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