1.1.5 Iconic Sales Booster for WooCommerce

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Often bought together.
WooCommerce’s Iconic Sales Booster allows you to add a “Buy Together Often” module to your product pages. This clever feature is commonly used on Amazon and it increases the likelihood that customers will buy more products, thus increasing revenue.

The main benefit.

Use social proof to increase order value.
Ability to add multiple related products to the cart at once.
Gain trust by showing that you have customer trends.

Customers also purchase
Once the product is added to the cart, you can display a modal popup with the cart information and up to 3 cross-sells.

This type of cross-sell offer can be easily added to their order from the modal pop-up.

Not only does this technology make your store smarter, but it also allows your customers to learn about other products that may be useful to them.

The main benefit.

Use social proof to add value to orders.
Encourage additional purchases after the customer has already shown intent to buy.
Reveal products that your customers may have missed.

Order Bump at Checkout
Product pages and pop-ups aren’t the only things that Iconic Sales Booster can enhance. You can also increase your WooCommerce store’s revenue by displaying one-time offers on the checkout form.

Your customers can add the offer to their purchase without leaving the order form.

By selecting an offer or discount that matches the products in your cart on the checkout page, you’ll create an offer that you can’t refuse.

Key Benefits.

Add a high-converting order bump at checkout to immediately increase the order value of your WooCommerce store.
You can display offers based on the contents of your cart or for all products.
Your customers never have to leave the checkout form, resulting in a smooth, uninterrupted experience.

Note: The product is Activated.

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