2.2.2 Gravity Perks WordPress Plugin

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What are Perks?
Perks is a plugin, powered by Gravity Perks.
Because of Gravity Forms, Gather Instant Service.

GP Nested Forms
Create types within types because of better management about complex forms. formception!

GP Unique ID
Generate special IDs (i.e. notification numbers, codes, billing numbers, etc.) for your gravity table entries on Lean.

GP Conditional Pricing
Create flexible theme pricing for your gravity meter manufacturing domain.

GP Limits Selection
Restrictions or multiple selections may be additionally selected due to multiple selection fields (e.g. radio buttons, drop-down menus, checkboxes, etc.).

GP Restriction Date
Limit the dates that can be selected by the Gravity Forms date picker field.

GP Preview Submission
Allows customers to add a simple genetic reflection preview based on confirmation that their submission is correct before submitting the form.

GP Conditional Logic Date
Allow Date fields to conform to retention in Gravity Forms conditional logic.

GP Multi-Page Navigation
Quickly navigate through the structure pages and develop your own custom web links by converting the page hyperlinks in page steps.

GP eCommerce Domain
Make Gravity Forms especially friendly for eCommerce, including help with tax, discount, and subtotal fields.

GP limits submissions
Limit the kinds of entries by approximating things (e.g., users, roles, IPs, topic values) to expect execution to lie in the face.

GP better activates users
Please follow the rules regarding your Gravity Forms user activation page.

GP Media Library
Files (images, documents, etc.) are automatically included in the upload according to the WordPress media library, so the shape is submitted.

GP Post Content Merge Tag
Add help as Gravity Form floods the tags in your published content.

GP Live Preview
Preview your frontend forms on your website.

GP prohibits the creation of entries
Along the Gravity Forms disables the creation of entrees per structure.

GP Price Range
Specify minimum/maximum value because of the “User Defined Price” product field.

GP Reload Form
Reload the shapes to consonant an AJAX submission. Useful in cases where you want to follow a condition that allows multiple shapes to bend over without refreshing the page.

GP Limit checkbox
Limit the number of checkboxes.

GP Terms of Service
Add a “Terms of Service” discipline based on your form.

GP word count
Limit the number of words to single line text, paragraph text and regular text paragraphs.

GP Mail Users
Send a quick email that meets the needs of every customer who holds a face-to-face with a precise form.

GP Pay Per Word
Create products that aggregate based on phrase range calculations between paragraphs, about Post Body fields.

GP placeholders
Emulate Gravity Forms to add help for HTML5 placeholders.

GP PayPal one-time fee
Add a one-time fee to the PayPal standard subscription based on the aforementioned fee schedule.

GP Extended Text Area
Execution of shapes between small text boxes is still a challenge! Load the Shape Secretary text box in the modal eyelet, as it is easy to edit. Load the Shape Secretary text tareas in the modal eyeholes because of the ease of editing.

GP Copy Cat
Allows the user to follow the value of some subjects copied to conform to another routine, but by clicking a checkbox. Is your delivery address the same as your billing address? Copy Cat!

GP Auto-Login
Automatically blocks users after registration.

GP Blacklist
Verify the structure of your WordPress comment blacklist.

GP Read Only
Mark your structure fields as read-only so that customers cannot change them once they see the subject information.

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