1.7.5 Gravity Perks Limit Choices Plugin

Product DescriptionOverview

Gravity Privilege Restriction Select Plugin
Limitations on gravity form options
What’s that for?
GP Limit Choices is a gravity form plugin that allows you guys to also lie selections (e.g. radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down menus, etc.) in a multiple choice area that conforms to each “choice” of a control or dense instance. It’s event together with the product and option fields, this input sort so well.

How does it work?
This benefit allows you to mimic the desire to specify a power regarding your multiple choice areas. If a choice reaches its particular government, it delight no longer appear on the front end of the subject. While the desire is visually eliminated on the front end, it can still be edited via the form editor, so the government may additionally lie in adjustment.

How do I enable this feature?
Navigate after an existing form and then combine an instant structure with a multiple option field. Open the settings or look for that field because the “Select” section upstairs has the “Enable Restrictions” checkbox, but then the “Enable Values” option. After checking the “Enable Restrictions” alternative, expose the nearest “Restrictions” pillar, because the “Select” section.

For each selection, specify a limit (as an integer) because of how many instances there are, so expect to need to match the keep selection in one location. Let the control be blank, since the selection includes no limit.

Show dot left label

This will offer you the privilege of choosing according to whether the display has a lot of points between the coupons, so use the gravity form to limit the selection.

Do not disable choices that are about to go out

If you guys don’t want to disable about dead alternatives for anyone’s particular reason (like for their use, because of the subject logic), because just add that article after your theme’s functions.php file.

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