1.1.4 Gravity Perks Gravity Forms Multi-page Navigation

Gravity Forms Multi-Page Form Navigation
Navigation has been enhanced due to multi-page forms.

What does this do?
Multi-page form navigation allows customers to easily navigate through the pages associated with your Gravity Forms multi-step forms. Of course, Gravity Forms displays a “next” but “previous” button on the box, or because of the simpler forms, these navigation buttons are sufficient. However, when you have a longer attitude towards more complex multi-page forms, providing additional page navigation will become essential.

Convert clickable web links to gravity form page names
Control page navigability
Create custom page links as fully managed structural navigation
Comprehensive help with the “Save and Continue” feature of Gravity Forms
Provides a preview of the submission or a quick course due to customer error in recovery after mimicking the page navigation now doubles with GP preview submission
Bonus navigation buttons

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