1.4.31 Gravity Perks – Gravity Forms Copy Cat

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Gravity Table Copy Cat
What’s that for?
Copy cat perk lets you configure a checkbox that, when clicked, selects to copy the value of one subject after another. This is especially useful because specifying a billing and shipping address kind of case. There is a strong danger of people wanting to add equal addresses because of both fields. With Copy Cat, you can configure a checkbox to match the shipping address field next to the billing address field based on the value entered by the copying user.

This also supports truly copying the charges next to a field to below the value entered by another person. For example, consumers should align their first and final honors into one field, and you may want to mechanically supplement this in the name entry in the About Credit Card field.

How does it work?
This benefit uses Javascript after copying every value next to some field when the configured checkbox is clicked. It supports every single input field (such as a single line of text field), but complex input fields (such as an address field).

How do I slave to allow this feature?
Copy Cat perk stays active by including a specially formatted CSS category, based on someone’s checkbox field.

Copy-{fieldId} to {fieldId}.

Replace the preceding {fieldId}, including the ID about the field you want to imitate, or replace the 2nd {fieldId}, including the ID about the topic you want to copy. the enforcement of this custom classification is still brought in accordance with someone’s checkbox discipline with the aid of “CSS class name” placed under the advanced tag.

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