2.1 Gravity Perks – Gravity Forms Auto Login

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Gravity Benefits – Gravity Forms Auto-Login
What’s the point of doing this?
The auto-login perk allows you to hold registration (by gravity form) in mimicking your website after the person who conforms to the mechanical bottom enters. Additionally, this perk maintains its existing shape certainly allowing you to display a textual content confirmation that redirects in accordance with a WordPress page, but redirects together with no extra effort according to a URL.

How does a slave enable it to function?
This feature requires the User Registration add-on for Gravity Forms. Assuming its add-on is hooked up or activated, run it beforehand and navigate to the user registration page.

On the User Registration page, beg a modern determination feed, i.e. you’ll usually then perform a current feed. Scroll after you eat the back or look for the choice of “Auto Sign In” in the “Add-On Options” group. Check the similar checkbox to mimic allowing the auto-login function as it feeds. With this alternative enabled, anyone can register to that amount from this feed, select the regular keep logged in, so the shape submits.

Redirect after logging in
Self-login performance happens in the back of the scenario or form configuration confirmation settings no longer affect the way to enable its functionality. If you want to mimic redirects to people according to every other webpage below that they assume regular logins, you are able to configure the URL of the person who should keep the redirect “confirmation” calculated in your form settings.

How do I assign a “pending activation” that includes GF user registration?
Using GP auto-login v1.2, which currently mechanically supports auto-login after a user activates their calculations (assuming the choice is about user registration feed restrictions). There are some caveats. Activation templates including Gravity Forms (and then the WordPress version of the model) packaged with non-existent activation templates no longer drop someone from registering expecting the user to log in.

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